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[Ongoing] Show off your Two-Wheeled Vehicles

My motor vehicle experience started out with motorcycles. I’ve had 7 different motorcycles, versus 1 car my entire adult life.
When I got my M1 at 18, my dad helped me find this little vintage beauty to start off with; the 1989 Honda VTR 250. The v-twin was a great alternative to the typical Ninja 250 starter bike, but those inboard disc brakes were a pain when I needed to change pads or rotors.
After a year or so on the 250, I got to ride a 2001 Honda CBR F4i, and was hooked on the power of the supersport. I ended up going through two of these guys, I loved them so much. I'm currently on the look-out for a similar sport-tourer, with a less aggressive riding stance, but as much of the power.
A few years later I was bitten by the sumo bug, and added a 2007 Suzuki DRZ400SM to the stable. If I didn't have to slab it for miles on the freeway to get anywhere, I'd definitely get another one of these.
The beginning of sumo hooliganism ended with dirt bikes, and my current 2006 Honda CRF250X. Now that I spend most free weekends at my local SVRA, the street bikes in my garage are kind of neglected.

Do you ride? Show us your moto!

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Latest picture I have:
Rear pulley is now blacked out instead of gray, and thanks to somebody deciding to break and steal it, I no longer have that air cleaner, but here's my 04 Sportster right after a bath.
My love of my two wheeled all starts when I graduated high school in 1987 and went to the bike dealerships, 30 years later I have been on a mission to get every FZR made that year and during the search came across a showroom ’87 VFR 700F interceptor in the process That just had to come home with me.

Meet Babette, my 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic. Currently all-stock, but I've got a bobber kit on the way, so it'll look a lot better real soon. At 800cc, she's plenty powerful (i've pulled the front tire off the ground before by accident), but I can tell you that this bike, eventhough it's a cruiser, is not an old person bike! Also, she was dirt cheap and has like 23k miles on her (I put 13k on myself).

My 2004 Kawasaki Z1000, its a joy to ride with lots of updates. Power Comander, Arata full Ti exhaust, Galfor wave rotors, Ohlins rear shock, ZX10 fork, Corbin seat, Michelin Pilot tires, and many more little things that make it unique and fun.

I always wanted a car. A small yet sporty and powerful coupe. My dad got me a few nonworking junkers that we would repair together but he always ended up selling them because he needed the money

Few years later my Dad passed away. Leaving me with a few few assets that I sold to gain about $5k. While searching on Craigslist for a car, I came across a motorcycle listing. That gave me the idea to just look at a few bikes for fun. I found a gorgeous 2008 Aprilia Shiver 750cc with only 6831 miles for around the ammount I had. Next thing I knew I was calling up in-laws to see who had a trailer and who could give me a ride.

Long story short I picked it for exactly$5k cash and slowly brought gear with my part time pay check. Took an MSF course and learned how to ride. Since then I've done a few mods but overall I love her and she's my only form of transportation. I still wish I had a car but I certainly don't regret buying a bike at all. Infact best purchase I've ever made.

Loved your story.
People that ask me ,what's the best thing to do when it comes to riding, my answer is "do some ride schools" . I'm gettin' a bit long in the tooth and I will sometimes do another ride school- it helps getting rid of bad riding habits that set in. Going fast is all very well, but going fast and knowing what you're doing is even more funner ! Ride safe .
Here endeth granpa's lesson for the day. Enjoy your weekend.
Hi folks, just having a look through this post & noticed there is a lot more Ducati images posted, so I thought I'd share this Image of my '77 750 SS. Hope that's OK. Have a good weekend folks.
Grazie per l'apprezzamento.
Questa è stata una ricostruzione di 10 anni.
My '14 Triumph Scrambler 865.
Here's my first one, a 1985 VF500F
First bike was/is a 1983 Honda Shadow VT500. Nailed a deer pretty good on it and it's been garaged since. Hoping to clean it up and get it going again. Very comfortable ride.

Current daily is a 2015 KTM 390 RC:
I love looking at this bike so much that I have a mini on my desk at work:
I really wish they'd make a baby supersport around this motor.
They did make one back in 2003.
First bike was an 1987 Honda Hurricane (the original CBR 600). I still own it, though it's been parked for half a dozen years now awaiting "someday" restoration.

These days my daily driver is a 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 that I've gradually been fine-tuning to my liking. So far - flyscreen, drop-bars with bar-end mirrors, solo-plus-a-little seat, custom bag.

totally do. i started off with a Honda CBR f3, prior to fuel injection, then moved right into Ducati. i now have two of them.
I'm in the same boat -Ducati- outa control !