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Falling down the rabbit hole...

So, I think I'm ready to admit that I have a problem. I realized this over the past few days, not because the piles of knives at work and home have begun to take over, but because of two things that happened in the course of eating a couple of meals.
First, at a pretty nice steakhouse I was at celebrating my dad's bday, I tried to cut my ribeye with the Laguiole that was brought to the table. One touch of blade to beef confirmed my guess that the blade had been through many, many plate scrapes and industrial dishwasher cycles since the last time it had been sharpened. Without much of a second though, I flipped open the Lionsteel that was in my pocket and started slicing, much to the amusement of my tablemates.
I explained my reasoning; "the steer was already butchered once, no need to make it bleed again." Skeptical at first, I happily traded bites with a few others and I think I may have some new converts.
Over the weekend, I grabbed an apple to snack on. For the last 35 years, I would have gone straight hand-to-mouth, but this day I found myself reaching for the kitchen drawer and pulled out my new Tadafusa petty knife that I got from a local shop, Bernal Cutlery ( I tried slicing the thinnest pieces I could on one side, then I just started messing around with cutting some wedges.
This was the result before I finished it off with my teeth. When did you first realize you had fallen down the rabbit hole of knives, or EDC generally?
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You use your knives, so? I get happy when I can find anything to use a knife for. I have about 300 knives, and a lack of things to cut.
Outstanding! I didn’t read what you’re responding about but I totally agree with everything you said!
No, you did not fall down a rabbit hole. Your behavior is that of a knife aficionado. You are another proud member of our club.
it all started with a small swiss army knife that i carried around for lunch, but about 1 year ago i got my spyderco delica and fell in love with it (still my go-to edc) and since then i´ve been expanding my collection slowly but steadily. i´ve reccently got the maserin 550 and i´m now eyeballing a boker urban trapper carbon to join the arsenal. might have fallen in the hole myself.
I've always carried a cheap $20 knife for like the last 25 years. Recently thou in the last two weeks I've picked up three knives. They are expensive to me but still under a hundred. I didn't realize how many good new designs that are under $50. I think I've been bit, lol.
Thats kinda what happened to me. Always owned folders but a coworker was showing me his knives... A different one everyday from benchmade spyderco and others , much nicer than my 1980s 4 dot buck 110 When i realized what had become available Is a vast array of sweet blades in all different configurations and styles and materials and i was hooked! Now i have 2 large spyderpacs full and another small case and have spend $1000s but i love it! Easy to work on And modify, price ranges for everyone , and so many high quality pieces that werent around when i was a kid. There are much worse things to be addicted too so i have no problem being a knife nut!
Welcome my friend. Just don't trip on that pile of knives over there and you should be fine, grab a drink and enjoy the craze.
All I have to say is welcome to the other side of the rabbit hole. You will most likely meet strange people here that the general public might be "amused" at, as you stated. Just know that it confirms that your strangeness has company, and you are now truly a knife guy.
I've carried a knife for probably 20 years. Now, when did I decide to go from the basic, Walmart Kershaw, to higher end knives? About a month ago, which is probably when the rabbit hole got seriously deep. :) ZT0452 found its way into my pocket and I'm afraid I'm totally lost now, already looking at several other knives to buy. And please don't get me started on EDC lights. *sigh* My bank account already hates me.
This might be a tough month for you.
Yes sir! Been eyeing both of those, especially the PM2.
I think I crossed over when I bought the ken onion worksharp sharpener and sharpened everything I owned.
Knives taking over the watch box...the struggle is real...
Jonas, what are those two titanium knives? One seems to be a We?
one´s a Kizer (definetly) and the other one looks like a lionsteel (but i could be wrong there); the ne with the wood on seems to be a Böker Urban Trapper...
Well, since my usual assortment is a SAK vagabond (58mm small in watch pocket, my usual cutter), SAK scientist (on clip+short chain hanging in front pocket, mostly a food knife) and a ZT0450 (clipped on the inside of the waistband, my SHTF knife), I'm hardly one to help you with your/our problem, if we even have one to begin with. I find I use my knives far more than I use my pens. Carry on fellow knife knut!
My very first EDC habit started early, on my keychain. The diskey (CD wrap and bottle opener in one) and CR2032/CR2016 LED lights come to mind. Now with all my tech gear a pocket size battery backup charger is 100% necessary, and I never leave home without a Knife or 3 and a single AA LED light that's bright enough for EDC use. (won't signal 2+ mile high air traffic but does damn near everything else) I only recently started to carry knives, but a new job made it necessary. I prefer soft-handled (to not damage my battery operated EDCs) with good blades. Still trying to decide about assisted vs standard deploy and carry position. One disaster was putting an EDC (assisted-open locking) knife on a janitor style keychain pull-leash. (Forgot to close it while checking the goods, and WHOOPS! Ruined my fave tee that way) Now I have a full compliment of expensive stylus-tipped ink pens, EDC knives, LED lights, vaporizers, tech gear and more. I would like to find a triple 18650 (or equivalent) powered light that doubles as a battery backup. Dimmable and multi-angle cast for extra credit.
Appreciate the responses so far, these all sound very familiar :) I think I didn't realize how often a blade comes in handy until I carried one all the time. I just started doing the same with a AAA light and I think that will be the next thing on the list of "things I never knew I needed and now can't live without."
Just do yourself a favor and don't look at the Liion 18650 flashlights. You don't need a 7000 lumen handheld dragon slayer anyway... lol
Yup it's gettin bad :P haha
Still trying to find a problem here. 8 OD
I now have 30 flashlights. Not so bad about knives, but I do have 7 collectable Laguiole's, a Benchmade, and a few Ganzo's. Camping for 7 days last week and the Park Rangers were floored when they saw some of the lights I took with me.
I carry a 3" folder, and just to avoid public stares I sometimes try to make do with my fingers or teeth small cutting tasks such as opening a bag or cutting string. If no one is looking I'll pull it out and cut with the blade half open. Sucks I know but there are times when a large knife is convenient
Knives are illegal for EDC where I live (I still carry a miniature Victorinox with 3 cm blade), so not really a problem. But I recently counted flashlights, and discovered that I carry 4 with me at all times 😳
The worst thing is that I started counting because I was wondering whether I should add another! 😖
I have carried a knife every day from about 10 years on .I received my first knife at 6. Many of my jobs required a sharp knife , farrier , armor scout . I was carrying a Spyderco the day I fell into a spinning boat prop. To my great luck my shirt and cell phone twisted around shaft and fouled motor preventing more injury but entangling me on the prop and underwater . If it had not been for the Spyderco cutting though the bloody shirt and cell phone parts I would have drowned. Things happen fast, carry a knife!
I'm honestly amazed that there are people who don't carry a knife with them everywhere they go. And a well sharpened one at that. If you are used to having one around it's amazing how often you find that you need one. I pretty much have one or two of them everywhere I go that I can leave one, and for everywhere else I have one in my pocket.
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That's an impressive upgrade for a 2nd knife. I know too many people unwilling to do any substantial research into decent quality knives who just stick with Buck, or even worse, Gerber. Those have their uses, but I've never known someone who regretted purchasing a good spydie or similar.
It was a tough descision to buy at first, it is a fairly expensive knife. And i never regreted this descision. I have a few others high-ish end knifes too now. Blur s30v mcusta mc4 vg10 just to name a few. Edit: i do have one slight regret about my spyderco. I regret having cheaped out and bought the lightweight version instead of the regular version!
Regardless of whether it is speakers, blades, writing instruments, or whatever else one's into, what would you call it? Obsession? OCD? Is it a gene? I know one thing for sure: if you caught one of those bugs, for the love of god, stay away from all others, because you will be susceptible. I thought fountain pens were bad; they are but innocent utensils compared to what's going on at EDC and Audiophile. Just ask that apple...
Too much truth here - audiophilia is a deeeeep rabbit hole.