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40% keyboard with matching numpad?

Morning All,
I'm looking for a 40% keyboard but would also like a separate numpad to compliment it, and make life easier when I need to input numbers rather than using a function layer.
The Planck and MiniVan keyboards look great but can anyone recommend a numpad which looks similar with an aluminium case?
leoparder, Carpet_Shark, and 2 others

Look at the numpad from NKPC as they are sometimes sold here on massdrop
That numpad looks really nice but $200+ is a little pricey for a numpad...
I found an article on The Verge for the Ducky Pocket which is out later this year. If someone did a drop for an aluminium case for it that might be my perfect solution!
I'm in the same boat, I have a Planck, and I'm ordering a MiniVan from today's drop. But as I use CAD having a separate dedicated numberpad is very useful. I've found a numberpad which can be customised to suit pretty much any need, it's available from Gon's Keyboard Works at The case, backlighting, switches and keycaps can all be customised to suit your needs. The only issue may be the price, as you could end up paying more for the numberpad than for the keyboard itself!! Good luck with your hunt!
i would avoid GON at this time he is having problems fulfilling orders. great boards, pcbs and software and i even have one, but caveat emptor.