Aug 19, 201679 views

We're Men, Right?

As I become more and more infatuated with Massdrop, I cant help but notice something is missing. Where are the sports?! As a avid sports enthusiast there is nothing I love more than sitting down and watching Sunday night football, praying that the Cowboys win.
So when I heard about this website called Massdrop, which was supposed to be for men who want good deals on products they love. I scrolled through Quilting, Hobby Shop, and RC Racing and didn't find a section for sports, i was mildly shocked. How could a website devoted to male shopping experience not have a category for sports? Once I started talking to a couple buddies of mine they noticed the same thing, men could be buying great deals on gold clubs, tennis rackets, or footballs. But until then I know Massdrop is failing, a little bit, in the communities department.

To be fair, we're an everyone website with a predominantly male audience which leads to mostly male products and in turn brings more men. I think sports gear would be great, but I don't see it as a men's community any more than I see shoes as a women's community. Even the banner picture has both genders.
But anywho! Getting sidetracked. Do you imagine it would be a general sports community, or a community with each one specific to a sport?
PS. Go Niners :P
I imagine that the sports community would target a very wide range of sports and their respected gear. Probably like how men's style include many different types of cloths and accessorize.