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87-Key Varmilo with Cherry MX Clear Please!

I want an 87 key mechanical keyboard with an aluminum housing and Cherry MX Clear switches.
I don't know why it's almost impossible to find such a keyboard, but it seems to be. I could settle for browns, but if I'm spending $100-200 for a keyboard to finally replace a rubber dome, I'd rather just get the right thing the first time around.
The Varmilo VA87 is just about perfect in terms of profile, aesthetics, and key layout, and I see there is an aluminum housing available. I would buy the keyboard and wait on the housing as a later upgrade, but you can't buy the keyboard anywhere with clears.
Looking at the number of requests for the Varmilo 87 key, as well as the number of requests for the aluminum housing, I'm sure I'm not the only one. Help us out Massdrop!
himselforama, Christian Dotti, and 2 others

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