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Bluetooth/WIFI integrated amp recs?

I'm seeking recommendations for a integrated amp w/Bluetooth & WIFI. Last year, I thought I'd found what I needed with the PS Audio Sprout but after looking deeper, discovered that its 50Hz cutoff was not a good match for my speaks (Altec 604e's in Barzilay cabs). Is there anything available w/multiple inputs (CD transport, Transporter, tuner and hopefully phono)? In particular, my wife wants something that I can leave on 24/7 so she can easily play music, etc. from her iPhone without having to power up the existing tube integrated (Scott 222c). I would like something versatile that allows me to switch back to the Scott w/o too much trouble. I'm pretty ignorant of the current offerings and technology so any suggestions would be very appreciated... Thanks!

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Thanks for your replies! I'll look into the Marantz and Emotive Audio you've suggested and if nothing else, it'll educate and sharpen my focus a bit.

Tonsofun - I really wanted the Sprout to work for me as I think its an ideal solution save for the 50Hz cutoff. The Altecs measure flat to 38Hz and have a significant drop off below that. I know it doesn't seem like much but I really don't want the amplifier dictating the frequency range - usually, its the other way 'round. If I'm wrong, please correct me as I have used PS Audio gear in the past and wouldn't hesitate to try it again.

Thanks again guys!
Not knocking the Sprout but I see its niche on someone's desk powering speakers with 3" or 4" woofer cones and a decent but easy to drive headphone. The built in 50 Hz cutoff makes sense there, not so much with full range or near full-range gear. I think you're making a good choice crossing that one off the list. Best of luck with whatever you decide on!
If built in Wifi isn't a make it or break it feature (there are ways to add that) + gives you most of what you asked for, for $449. This a new line from Emotiva but my DAC, 3 Amps and 5 speakers are well past their warranty and still performing beautifully.
Hi JBryan,

Travis here with PS Audio if you are interested in trying out Sprout we offer a 30 day in home trial. I think you would find that it does a good job with your 604's. Feel free to give us a call with any questions.

The Marantz M-CR611 is the updated version of the one I have in my dining room. It supports AirPlay, Internet radio, CDs, FM but no phono stage.
The Arcam Solo Music adds SACD support and a phono stage, but loses AirPlay compatibility and is likely to be more expensive.
What's your budget?
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