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Hello Guys

Hello guys! So what do you think about the worksharp sharpener ken onion it usually runs around 140-150$ it works great (according to reviews)

People say the motor burns out very quickly and you might as well go and buy a KME.
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Thx! I checked the kme interesting, nevertheless i already have a wicked edge sharpepso it would be redundant
I have no personal experience with it, but one of the knife makers that I am familiar with, Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge, had the following to say.
"Ways a Worksharp can ruin your Fiddleback knife:
1. Pulling the knife through the guide will put longitudinal scratches on the bevels. If you insist on using a worksharp, please be prepared for these scratches. 2. Using pressure to form the belt to the convex shape of the bevels of your knife may cause enough belt stretch to contact the parts of the Worksharp behind the belt, flattening a spot on your grind. This is something I cannot usually fix. 3. As the worksharp is a belt grinder, use of one on a Fiddleback knife voids the warranty on the knife. I simply have no idea what the heat treat status of that steel is anymore, and cannot guarantee the edge, which means I cannot guarantee the knife. So the worksharp system ruins the warranty on a Fiddleback knife. 4. Lump category of all the different ways any belt grinder can ruin a knife.
IMHO, your worksharp should be used on your hatchets and shovels, machetes, or farm tools."
it seems to me that all of this is more operator related than strictly speaking than the machine per se i've seen blunt tip scratches and flttened spots with stones as well, the only machine problem would be the heat treating messing up, but i never read that it had happened in reviews