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Massdrop Community Polls & Requested Products - Hobby Shop

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the first in a series of posts that we are making in order to bring the Community closer to the process of getting products onto Massdrop.
Each week, we will highlight the most active polls as well as feature a few polls that we would like to discuss. We are showcasing this information because we want to create a place where everyone can freely discuss potential products that you want to see on the site.
Feel free to use this thread to
  • Talk about products that you want to see on Massdrop
  • Discuss specific polls or poll options
  • Get ideas and thoughts from the community
  • Talk with the Massdrop team
We will also put what you requested into a spreadsheet so that we can track the status of the products that come out from these polls and discussions. (
Let us know your thoughts! We can't wait to start getting these products onto the site!

Updated October 18, 2016
Poll of Week! The poll that we are featuring this week came in at 5th on our most active polls over the past two weeks, an explosion of activity brought on by our first Anime/Manga Character Statue drop. Please let us know with your votes which statues you would like to see in subsequent drops!
Best Anime Figures or Statue/Models. Please add more! (
  1. RWBY Ruby Rose Series 1 Action Figure
  2. Final Fantasy Action Figure Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife
  3. One Piece: Thousand Sunny Ship New World
  4. Metroid Prime Samus Varia Suit 1:4 Scale Statue
Top Active Polls from the Past Week
Gunpla Model Kits (
  1. 1/100 MG RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver.Ka
  2. 1/100 MG ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode
  3. Gundam Planet - PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Final Battle Ver
Magic: The Gathering Booster Boxes (
  1. Magic: The Gathering - "Modern Masters 2015" Booster Box
  2. Magic: The Gathering - "Dragons of Tarkir" Booster Box
  3. Eternal Masters Booster Box - English - Magic Sealed Products » Eternal
Legos (
  1. Millennium Falcon™ | LEGO Shop
  2. LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer
  3. Poe's X-Wing Fighter™  | LEGO Shop
Gaming Dice (
  1. Pound-O-Dice: Toys & Games
  2. Chessex Opaque 12mm D6 Black W/Red Dice Block 36 Dice
  3. Polyhedral 7-Die Borealis Chessex Dice Set
  4. Steampunk Dice Black/White (7 Stk.)
Wanderlust_mack, jk k, and 13 others

I love model kits like frame arms girl, megami device and other various model kits.
Would it be possible to get a Mice and Mystics base and expansions bundle?
Guitars please!!
Can Yu-Gi-Oh! get some love? It would be great to see some booster boxes up on here! :)
Does anyone know when Modern Masters 2017 (for Magic: the Gathering, of course) would be available on here? Just wondering if it would be before the spoilers are posted or anything like that.
Don't know if this is anything others would be interested in, but I'd love to see some Malifaux, pathfinder, or DnD products on here.
Does anybody know when the next monthly magic blue box is going to be. It's called monthly but hasn't been up in a month or so
Is MtG Planechase gonna be something many are interested in??
Hate to be that guy, but more DnD minis. Never have enough of those.
agreed! Would love to see a Boardgame Miniatures subcategory :)
Monster Prism Playmat Tubes, with a bulk purchase option.
I would really like to see World of Warcraft: Legion collectors edition
Having standard yoyo silicon responds pads would be nice.
I want Mech vs Minion. Riot Game doesn't ship to Malaysia T_T
autodrops for every game that appears under the Hotness on! :)
Seeing the REP gaming case reminded me of the professor's review on TCC and got me thinking it would be sweet to see some large Piratelab gaming cases here. I've wanted to get some since then so I can finally dump the old backpack that's currently falling to pieces trying to carry my cards.
Only thing I can think of at the moment is Small World?
Hey guys just joined mass drop looks like i missed out of some good dice and game drops....i really wanted a set of 16mm stone dice there are no supplier in australia and the overseas suppliers have been less than helpful was hoping there would be another set of dice in the future in a drop
I have noticed that there are a lot of miniatures games being sold through the hobby shop, but no painting accessories. Is it something the Hobby Shop Community would be into? I am suggesting airbrushes, compressors and large paint sets (like full ranges of certain brand paints).
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Yeah, things similar to that would be great. I was also thinking about the army painter zombicide paint kits, seeing as the game has been sold on Massdrop also.
I was unaware that was even a thin g, but would definitely consider it!
Thoughts on Dice Masters? I've never seen any sets as far as I've been looking, seems like the perfect medium to get onto Massdrop!
So it's a hobby community. I think a major hobby that fits well here is wood carving/whittling. I would like to see some knife carving sets or individual specialty knives. Namely some great knives by flex cut. They have a excellent quality knives including a knife they call the carvin jack. It's similar to a multitool or Swiss army style knife that has several attachments for different tasks, which I think would lend Itself greatly to many of the members here. Not to mention it's a fantastic knife
I like it. Transparency is a big benefit to buying on Massdrop. The more you can share with the community whether it is hobby, edc, mechs, writing, etc the better. I support the community run drops as much as possible but in light of the many drops that seemingly happen right after the other, I admit it can be hard to budget and even harder to join. Knowing a bit more up front on the items coming out next week, next month, next year would help those of us with "normal" lives be able to set aside funds to be in the drop.
Though to be honest, the drops seem to be very successful regardless of this, but if it is all about the community and the enthusiasts, it still would be nice to have a bit more awareness on drops and also a central place to find out the information.
I do agree though that community pages or a interactive community channel would be ideal to really get the community together and much more active on the scene. Many of us know each other by now just by the participation in the drops, so having a common area to find out this information would be extremely inviting and helpful.
First thing that came to mind is offering the option to not get the base game in a deal for expansion sets. Given that prices are often in line with Amazon, I can't rationalize buying from Massdrop and getting a game I already own in addition to the expansions that I'm interested in purchasing. Especially considering shipping costs, it's a rarity that a deal is worthwhile vs a more affordable competitor. I don't mind waiting awhile for delivery, and would love to spend my money with Massdrop over bigger shops like Amazon, so anything you can do to maximize your discounts is greatly appreciated.
Edit: Also, any chance we can get some RPG deals? Like FFG's Star Wars titles (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force & Destiny)? I'm definitely playing more RPGs than board games in the past few months.
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Great another massdrop getting messed up by this guy. If Henry is in charge it will ship a week late with no communication on why.
Thanks for your hard work, Henry!
I think the problem with the RPGs is the same as the problem with Board Games, and even Mechanical Keyboards. It's the fact that the primary consumers will already have the basic items, and the fact that the really sought after items will be questionable drops, either from the manufacturer willing to give sizeable discounts, or from the perspective of hitting MOQs.
Apocalypse World (and games powered by the Apocalypse). Fate Core (and games powered by Fate Core). Savage Worlds (and again, games powered by Savage Worlds). Other indie and lesser well known games. I'd love to get some Warhammer in here too... both from a miniatures standpoint, and an RPG standpoint. Same with Iron Kingdoms.
I personally have a lot of these in PDF (started to run out of physical room), but now that I have a bit more tolerance for that, and have done some remodeling, the prices have become insane for physical copies when I wasn't looking. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I doubt it.
Just food for thought.