Aug 24, 2016

Exclusive fixed blade knife - micarta samples

We got these samples from Shadetree Custom Composites and we'd like to gauge community interest in producing an exclusive fixed blade knife.
What do you think of these? Are there specific colors or materials (blue denim, firehose, camo fatigues, etc.) that you think would make a really cool knife handle? Are there blade styles and sizes that you would prefer? If you could pick any maker or manufacturer to design and/or produce a knife, who would you choose?
This is just the beginning of a conversation that may lead to a community-driven product. You're welcome to post your own photos and links, or even invite potential collaborators to join the conversation. Thanks!


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I like the herringbone and the orange best

I think antler handles are really cool for knives
herringbone looks awesome! my next choice would be the purpleish/gold speck one.
I think a good idea would just be to sell batch micarta samples, or a DIY knife set!

I mean, you do have a hobby section, do like 'mystery micarta samples' some 1080 carbon steel, random assortment of pins, and kydex. See what comes back in a year, and pick the top 3 or so favorites as community collabs.
Denim or the herringbone, I’d say.
Several of these look like they would make interesting scales for the gent. Just sayin'. I think the herringbone would suit it particularly well . Deep red/burgundy looks nice too.
I like the 3rd from the right. This will hide soil and oil stains plus it BUTCH ! Very good looking color!
Please use red. It is a VERY popular color that few knifemakers use
I like them all. A solid fixed blade sub 100 dollars or even 150 if it has some premium features and unique cosmetic looks
So what happened to the fabulous micarta scale idea JonasHeineman
Really digging the idea of blue denim, houndstooth #2. Blade length should be about 4.5” to 5.5.” Steel should be d2 or better.
not a huge fan 2 greens rad and blue there are best of those samples tho
I, assuming I continue to use massdrop, would love to see something exceptionally different for a handle material; blue glow in the dark kirinite.
Bark River seems to have endless combinations of micartas and different colour liners. Whatever handle material you choose, a contrasting liner adds interest and complexity. For example, black micarta with a red or yellow liner makes for beautiful contrast. Green herringbone micarta is beautifully contrasted with natural and light blue (double liners).
How about scales for Spyderco Mule?
I like all of those other than the zig zag.
Any of them, cept yellow. Not you yellow!
Quick update...

We visited with Shadetree at Blade Show last week and both teams are still interested in a project, but it's been a challenge to find a manufacturer who can both A) produce large quantities for us and B) work with new suppliers. I think we may have found a couple at the show, stay tuned for more as we try to find a good fit for this.
That's awesome!
I would realy like to see the maroon with yellow dots micarta on a knife or maybe the orange or then tan with black zig/zag (might be black with tan zig-zag... :P).
Ithink the most important of this all is to make such a knife shipable OVERSEAS!!!!!!
Other than that Spyderco, WE, ZT are companies I will buy with no concerns about quality.... It would be great to see a small to mid size blade on such a knife (2.5-3.5" / 6.35-9cm) with nice steel as LC200N for edc type of knifee or M4 for some crafting/camping knife.
Another vote for the maroon or houndstooth on pretty much any knife!
I've also been a fan of MK knives lately. A knife by him with your scales might be a more feasible task.