Jun 10, 20163358 views
Me and the Varmilo 108 with Cherry MX Greens and the Troubled Minds keyset. Iced espresso and a coyote looking out for the Whitefox :-)
Macclack, HenrYOOO, and 9 others

Is that Varmilo 108 an alumium case of plastic? (I guess I could look it up but prefer to join in the conversation more)
Hey, yeah its plastic and uses costar stabs, not my initial cup of tea for the stabilizers but Varmilo makes great boards so I was happy to pick one up. Trying to always push MD for an aluminum version similar to the TKL cases on drop, but there's no definitive on when and if the case will come available as aluminum. Varmilo is listening to the community and moved their logo to the back of the keyboard so that its otherwise a clean look.