Mar 25, 20173401 views
My endgame coffeeshop setup: Thinkpad X220 + my handwired keyboard, dubbed "Promethium". Keyboard has 48 keys in single piece split Planck-like arrangement with vertical stagger. It has a Trackpoint and the pic shows why it is very useful in this situation (not much room to use a mouse comfortably). The keyboard actually has battery and Bluetooth; using USB here because Bluetooth is currently a little flaky, possibly because of design of the case (a redesign is underway). Firmware is QMK and shares the same keymap as my Planck at home. It got an RGB LED under each switches, plus 6 indicator LEDs. The person next to me commented that it looks nice :).

Drink is a Starbucks latte, complete with my customary misspelled name, as it is usual with them. As with my comment before this, both the latte and the keycap are "doubleshots", so to speak. Keycaps are Round 5 Honeywell alphas, combined with Nantucket Selectric blank mods.
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i like its got a little bit of everything, split but on one board, trackpoint and lights. what i like the best is that usb extension thing you have that changes the cable to plug sideways. very nice touch. personally i hate all those "straight" plugs thats on everything now.
i would totally buy this as a kit
nantucket selectric? nice :-)
Have you documented your build somewhere? I'm looking to embark on something similar and would love to read about your project.
Maybe in a week. I'm currently building second revision of this keyboard.
wow hard to get any more endgame than that
That's a pretty nifty setup