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What Do you guys think of these Wood MacBook Covers?

Hey guys, I want to know what the Massdrop community thinks about my wooden Macbook covers. Is this something you would be interested in? They are applied simply by just a peel and stick process. Each piece is handmade and is made from real wood! To check them out more visit --->
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That looks really good... I think. Do they do them for the backs of iPads? If not they should consider it as those are far more ubiquitous than laps these days.
Hey Alex,
Honestly the durability is great! This picture doesn't show it well but there are small cuts along the edges which allow it to wrap around the MacBook perfectly. I've had mine on for over a year and there is no peeling or chips or anything and I throw it into my backpack nearly every day.
And they are a little bit thicker than a credit card to give you an idea.
Noice. Flagged this down to the Tech buyer since this seems right up his alley.
Alex! Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
That's pretty slick. How's the durability of it? Specifically on the edges which would suffer the most from getting thrown into bags over and over.
Oh and how thick are they?
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