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Welcome to Watch Discussions

Hey everyone, and welcome to the new discussion system!  
This is a place for you to discuss, share, and learn with one another about everything related to the Watch Community. The platform is currently in the beta phase (not available on mobile currently), as we work out the kinks with some of our community members. But while that’s going on, you’re still free to comment in any of the discussions.  
For now, we’re only releasing this platform to our Audiophile, Mechanical Keyboards, Men's Style, Ultralight, Photography, Everyday Carry, Hobby Shop, Writing, Quilting, Auto, and Watch communities, so we can get a handle on what works and what doesn’t. We’ll start rolling these features out to other communities as soon as we get everything in tip-top shape.  
There are some basic rules for posting on Massdrop, and those apply here, as well. If you need a refresher, feel free to read up on our discussion rules and guidelines here: ( The TL;DR is this: Use common courtesy and show respect to one another. We are all here to learn more and grow the community together.  
As far as posting goes, pretty much anything is fair game, so long as it has something to do with the watch community—movements, bands, winders, design styles, you name it. The best posts are those that encourage sharing and discussion. Some ideas for a great post include: your favorite style of watch, reviews on gear, or details on what makes movement better than the rest. To create a post just click the "Blue +" at the top right of your screen. For a more in depth explanation on how to create your own post check out this video:
In the future, this post will be updated with additional features we roll out. Until then, we welcome everyone to the community and look forward to hanging out with you!  
If you have any questions, please post below and I’ll answer them as they come up.
kunalkumar and calvinmd

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I would really like if we had a drop with dressier straps. I bought the Horween strap drop (going with the Cordavan), but it seems like all the straps are the rustic type.
Why not have some dress leather straps with white stitching? Perhaps an alligator would be nice. I recently got an inexpensive blue alligator strap on Ebay that was surprisingly nice (only $50). I will see how it holds up though (kind of worried).
I would love to get a deal on a nice brown or black high-end calfskin strap with white stiching (I know Hirsch and Hadley-Roma are big brands, but if MassDrop had access to first-rate no-name brands I would be thrilled).
Would like information on left handed watches.
Why bother with a poll for a specific brand or worse brand-and-model of watch? The idea of a poll is to consider alternatives!
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