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Noppoo Choc Mini84-R (ft. Ableton Push). My bby gurl hasn't failed me yet. Wonder why they stopped making them...bought it because I needed a small keyboard with function keys back when I played Starcraft2. WASD FPS Keycaps from Corsair if i remember correctly.

Also, RedBull.
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That looks just like a keyboard I own, the Drevo Gramr, for which I've had trouble finding caps because it has an oddly-shaped right SHIFT key. Would you mind taking a look and telling me what you think? Any idea where I can get a set of keycaps or just modifier keycaps that will fit that shift key? Larger image at the link:

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That's okay - it's the effort that counts. :) I'll give it a look. Thanks for your guidance.
Hey, if youre still looking, your shift key is a 1.75. You can get one in a bunch of color with custom type from https://www.wasdkeyboards.com/ Also, most keycap sets offer an option for a 1.75 shift key with additional add-ons sets. Happy Customizing!
Heres a pic of my Drevo Excalibur (same layout as your Gramr) with a set of x MiTo Canvas XDA's :)