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Favorite minimalist watch?

The last couple of years, we’ve seen an explosion of minimalist watch designs. Companies large and small, old and new are designing timepieces that fit the bill: They’re void of extraneous detail, they’re geometrically congruent, and they’re easy to read. As an ethos of design, minimalism’s heyday centered around the Bauhaus Movement, in the 1920s and ‘30s. But like history, design repeats itself. Here we are, nearly 100 years later, enjoying a Bauhaus revival.
So what’s your favorite minimalist watch? Who makes it, and what do you love about it? What makes it different from other minimalist watches? Why do you think minimalism is having a moment now?
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Chopard XPS
My favorite watch (that I can afford as a broke college kid) has to be the 40mm Daniel Wellington stainless steel with a stylish NATO strap! DW in my personal opinion has some of the cleanest/minimal looking faces at a great value.
Oh... There are, to me, three tiers of movements: Swiss, Japanese, and various qualities of Chinese movements (some ok, others may last a month). So whenever anyone does a poll for a style or type of watch, please include the name of the movement's manufacturer.
Both Nomos and Junghans are near the top of the list. But, if you had limited it to affordable then I'd say the Panzera Breuer Arctic with Miyota movement - a previous drop at $250 (a LOT less than Nomis or Junghans). Please help request another drop of these.
My absolute favorite would be the Credor Eichi ii. Hopelessly out of my current range, but the ne plus ultra for me.
You took my favorite in the picture! That Nomos Metro tho. I love how it perfectly straddles the line between traditional and breaking all the rules. I think people are appreciating the functional simplicity that properly executed minimalism allows for.
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