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This is my first post in this discussion but hopefully not my last. This is my first complete keyboard it's take a very long time since I originally purchthe white fox. I have the Yuri gmk keycap set, white marble wrist rest, red white and blue gem artisan keycaps and a blue aluminum case for it. My drink of choice right now is a cup of jack Daniels, hopefully that changes with my next post. If you have any questions feel free to contact below.


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Where'd you get those red white and blue keycaps?
Absolutely love this. Great work!
I like how you have red, white and blue on one side and then the USSR hammer and sickle on the other side. What did you mean by this?
Don't read too far into it. I'm very certain he is not trying to make a political statement here.
I really love this, care to share more about your inspiration of this?