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Headphone use for Music!

What type of headphones under 200$ would you guys recommend for music use
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hd 58x is the best for the pries
6xx with tube amp or 4xx with solid state amp. I find the 6xx's to be more accurate and 'audiophile' quality. The 4xx's have fuller sound and Ifind them to be more fun.
Open or closed Higgo?

How good is your hearing experience? Casual or psycho-maniacal-audiophile-jedi level?

Have you owned headphones before or is this your first steps in to this sadistic, wallet-emptying hobby?
People use headphones for music ?
Through all these years.....CD900ST for sure
To my ear AKG is accurate too. I hv only heard 612, which is not bad and perhaps better then m40x.
Then 712 which sound nice at high freq, perhaps even nicer then m70x.
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Where did you buy it and what was the price?
After K7XX, i hv yo be a bit more careful as the quality cud vary..

I bought my K7XX in May 2015 from here. After that, in the same year, I got my K712pro at USD$260 (brand new, including shipping) and sold my K7XX away
I hv 2 stax and grado RS2 but now I love my audio technica ath m70x. To me it is very accurate and electrostatic like sounding of transparency. Of course it will reveal if your source is grainy too.
Be careful after a year of use the headphone join cud break. I broke 2 m70x already in the last 2 years. Its the small plastic piece that connect the headphone speaker to the bridge. Very bad design defect here.
The solution is to add some strong resin to the inner side of the small platic piece before it broke.
I also hv m40x, it is more accurate then m50x.
However the high and dynamic is lacking. Because it cane with 3 meter wires that has high capacitance and resistance. When I use my m70x 1.5meter ( or 1.2?) The sound is more open and my dynamics. I suspect it cud still sound better with shorter or better cable.
No M40x is not sounding as good as m70x, but not too bad. at 1/3 the price I cud effort to bring around even if I lost them some where.
6XX for sure. But you need an amp for that.
Sennheiser 6XX-$199 or 58X Jubilee-$149
AKG K7XX-$199
SHP9500s are a great headphone. Basically HD600s with a bit more treble and slightly better bass extension.
you're not going to find them for less than $250+ used nowadays. they're not made anymore and the few places where they're still in stock, people are price gouging them. glad I got mine for cheap for $55 because they're a steal for that price.
For what? Producing music or listening to music?
Koss Porta Pro $41 on Amazon. There's also a MassDrop version as well. Don't be fool by the price. This is hand down the best headphone for its price point. Lifetime waranty doesn't hurt neither!

YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THIS! All MassDrop audiophile will agree with me.
V Moda M100s too if you listen to hip hop and EDM. They have a “fun“ sound to them and are very durable. Always pack them when on a holiday
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+1 for m100 and XL pads.
Agreed, they really surprised me with their sound quality the first time I put them on. One of the few "bass heavy" headphones that I truly enjoyed :)
Audioquest Nighthawks. Why ? Aesthetics and comfort aside they have a warm mellow sound signature which doesn’t neglect the low end. Did I mention they’re pretty easy on the eyes ?
Easy to drive as well if you don’t want to go the portable amp route..
How wide of a soundstage are you looking for and do you have a decent headphone amplifier?