Apr 14, 20183676 views
A few things came in the mail when I was out of town for work. Early Christmas :) Currently using a dasKeyboard with the Tai-Hao Aquatic keycaps. I just got my dex keycaps (new) and I put them on my arrow keys. They feel great. I've also got a keypad with a mix of Nautilus and OEM . I also just got the laser inspired desk mat (also new).

I like the feel of the dasKeyboard, but its really too big. I've got a 66 on order and between that and my keypad to left, I won't have a long travel between my trackpad and my keyboard.

Once the laser keycaps come in, I'll switch to that.

Oh and I'm drinking a fresh cup of Tres Pontas Medium Roast in a yeti mug.

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Thos yeti mugs... :heart-eyes:
If you don't mind me asking, what's the separate number pad for?
I've programmed it to open different applications. I'd like to get some artisans or other custom caps instead of the normal numpad keycaps.