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What’s your favorite unconventional watch design?

A lot of people are familiar with dive watches, dress watches, pilot watches, and field watches. But there are plenty of other timepieces that don’t fit neatly into any of the popular categories.
I recently bought a braille watch made by an Indian watch company called HMT that was recently closed down. I am putting a web image below (I love this picture) but will update it once I receive it. That's an interesting one for me. Someone the other day also mentioned about a watch that works backwards and instead of telling what time it is, tells how much time is left in the day.
Which unique watches have you had your eye on, and why? What about them is different, and what exactly that strikes your interest about them?
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I think the Ressence are cool
Reverso from JLC... truly unconventional but discrete..
Also watch cases with half-hunter cover (although this Breguet is cool just by many other factors, I'm just referring to cover of dial with a hole to see part of time)
Nice! It would be cool if they came out with a digital braille watch. My unconventional watch design is one that I managed to get a few years back. It's a single dial, 4-hand chronograph design that (AFAIK) is the only one ever mass produced. The Sinn EZM1 shows current hour-minute and chrono minute and seconds. It has a date window and a count down bezel. My absolute favorite sport watch design. My fantasy is getting to make a spring drive version of one in a custom Ti case.
So it finally came in and I quickly nabbed the watch and took a quick pic before returning it to Kunal:
Such a really cool watch. Awesome find Kunal!
Thank you :) am wearing it now. Will post it in wrist check.
The watch that has captured my attention for years has a clasp that showcases a mystery within, mind you the clasp opens the apposing side of the watch. The watch I speak of is one that not many know but is indeed world renowned in the brand itself, but more importantly it's workmanship. "PATEK PHILLIPE" ... My Grandfather owned one, which is now in the possession of my Father's unique collection. I may not have a picture of the original, but I am sure a picture of the newest model should suffice. Also, wanted to give a shout out to Mr. Kumar... he is upholding the interests of those committed to this community (myself included) and has yet to disappoint. Nonetheless, I hope the gaze of those whom appreciate such fine mechanical time pieces has the opportunity to do a little more research on this brand, a force to be reckoned with ... Enjoy! [Model: Calatrava]
So freaking cool!!