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Todays (and yesterdays) piece, an Omega Seamaster 300m Quartz 2221.80.00. I love the blue wave dial, and the overall feel of the watch. To call it dead nuts reliable is an understatement. Only thing with this guy is of my collection, this one is the only one with a crown that digs in a little.


This watch was a gift from a friend (nay, brother really) who purchased it one evening on a bender in Chicago, and wanted to celebrate a few things, including our friendship of 20 years (now closer to 30). I also think he was enticed by the whole "James Bond" thing since he was looped a tad. He owns one of these, his father wears one, and I wear this one. My gift to him was some rare single malt Scotches if you must know.

This watch, along with the Seiko SNZG and Breitling Superocean, sit on my dresser, and see the most wrist time of the collection. These three constitute by daily wear pieces. The decision of what to wear of the three is mood, and the spirit of the piece honestly.
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