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Wireless Gaming Headset?

I am thinking about joining the Siberia 800 drop. Before I join in I am wondering if there are any better wireless headset around $200. Also if you think that a wireless gaming headset is not the way to go, tell me some suggestions on what is the best option.

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Always get a wires one
I had the Astro A40 as well. After a year, the battery started to crap out and most of the time I had to have it wired. Went back to wired. Much simpler.
"gaming" headsets are geared towards looks and not so much the sound itself. I'd look for a good pair of wireless headsets with a mic. However you can always get a mic mod for a better headset without a mic.
I went to Amazon and found most of the manufacturer do not list the THD.
Sennheiser does and it is very good at .5%
Also has noise cancellation. I am not sure how well this technology has moved from a military product to home use. They developed this and it was a success.
Pricey at $375 and up. Over ear pads are always a must for headphones. Overkill for gaming imho.
Plus remember headphones can only give what they get. The output of the Bluetooth is just as important.
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I love my Astros. But they we more than $200. I have the A40s.
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