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What's your past/current/future Pi project?

The last thing I did was the Hyperion light project for my TV and connected game consoles. Involves a Pi, Arduino, HDMI splitter, a bunch of ws8212 RGB LED's and this USB to component doodad. Takes any input source on HDMI and feeds it to the Pi. The Pi then reads the color of the pixels on the edge of the screen and outputs that info to the Arduino which then uses a few pin outs to match the LED colors to the pixel colors.
Super unnecessary and I inevitably spend some inordinate amount of time troubleshooting it every few months, but playing games on it is an absolute blast.
I'm on work computer right now so I don't have my video of it, but this one is pretty much exactly how it looks.
I know there are some avid Pi guys out there so I'm curious what other projects you're working on or have got planned. Always looking for a new way to waste my weekend.
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Currently using a combo of a Wemos Mini D1 and a Pi Zero W / Pi 3 for prototyping some wearable concepts floating in my head
Anything you can share or still in the secret test phase?
Hey @AlexPk, I can share a doc I wrote for the proof of concept. Will drop a GitHub gist link later
Picroft from DIY voice assistant.
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You can choose your STT, but Google is still the best. Mycroft brings this back as one pipe, so still privacy compliant. On the STT side, they use their implementation of an opensourced project. As far as the skills go, those are all different skill makers in their community. here is their github:
Awesome. Thanks mucho.
Let me get dat plex
Ordered a Pi to set up my home media server. Once that gets here and I get a little practice with it (first time doing anything like this) I'm planning on getting a 2nd one for my gameboy colour.
Ayy you gonna run Plex out of it or XBMC?
Octopi running from NARD
So far my favorite projects this year are: - Making a Pigrrl 2 -Networking camera enabled pi zero w's to a pi 3 DDNS as a nanny cam system I can check from my phone. (The pic is one of the hidden locations in a display case) - Making an Onion Pi. (wireless Tor proxy)
That light project is pretty sick! Might have to add it to the list.


hahah is the lego castle the spycam? So good.
Thanks! Yeah, the Pi Zero is inside, the grey square on the top is the camera housing, the power cord runs down the back corner of the display case.
I'm thinking of making a portable pi pc that's super compact to go with my Planck so I can have the ultimate travel setup but that looks awesome alex
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Sure it won't be coming to fruition for a little while and I'm sure I'll post a discussion about it
This is what I was thinking of. Sorry I'm late to the party. I haven't actually made it, though. I have enough Pi Zeros lying around that I probably should just to use it for something.
With the Pi Zero W you could used the mini HDMI monitor and - without having to sacrifice the microUSB for the wifi dongle - you could use a keyboard with an adaptor. Upload pics when your done. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Thats awesome, I might do that
dang, just thinking about the planning process before you did all i need to smoke some cannabis my head hurts. LOL
good job making it work!
There are some pretty nifty how to's out now, but yea at the time it was kind of a pain hah. There were also many Amazon purchase/returns :)
How do you get the HDMI input into the Pi? I thought they only did HDMI out.
Ah, sorry I combined/skipped a device. The HDMI get's converted to component, and then the component gets read by USB. Not USB to component like I originally said.
I just want Pi and some damn fine coffee. And maybe a Pi door alarm that welcomes me with "The owls are not what they seem."
Now my Pi is being lame just running my IRC client 24/7 :(
oh, and robotics projects too! :)
Interactive and responsive LEDs as well as smart home automation projects sound perfect for Pi -- I'd be interested in getting in to this via Massdrop starter kits that have all the necessary parts, templates and tools to complete a project :)
It's such a huge mess of wires getting that many peripherals in involved though. I would love if someone would design an all in one solution for it since it only seems to utilize a very specific function of each device. At least just get it down to little computer box and the LED's. The Lightpack kit thing is pretty much it if you use a PC, but running other HDMI devices through it caused serious lag issues between the TV and lights.
That was amazing, Alex!
Thanks! I'll try to upload the videos of my setup later. Cause gaming is especially fun.
I'd want a home theater setup like that!!!