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Anyone interested in a PC Part community?

I've noticed there are a lot of graphics cards and other PC related products on this site, usually in the tech community. What is there was a seperate PC Parts community where motherboards, GPUs, CPUs, etc. could go. And people could use it as a community to talk to other people. Thoughts? Ideas? Info?
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I have just posted this on my face book page to put the word out
I could go for this also …….great idia
Definitely! I'm game for this.
I need this immediately.
I like the idea a lot. Thought about this before. I completely would go for this, sign me right up!
Yup, sign me up, sounds real dope, maybe a discord
All for it
Yup! Sign me up!
I'm very interesting about that.
Sounds dope
Sign me up.
This would totally even out the game and gi e the influence of prices back to who it belongs to; us the consumers.
This needs to be a think
Do it.
Ur community is The Best Keep It Up Buddyyssss
hey guys i am new here i wanna know that who is the better cpu for gaming between i3 7100 and amd ryzen 3 1200
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Ok Thankx Buddy Quinncom2
(Warning) Fanboy conversation here.
I was suprised to find that this was not already a thing. How is this not a thing. Make it a thing!
A pc parts community would be great. Even though I'm sure that at the begining prices wont be that much different than those in Amazon, newegg and the likes, it most likely will get better after a while.
Bruh. why is this not a thing yet?
yes please
100% yes!
yes please
Absolutely. However I have a feeling that most of the parts aren't going to actually be much (if at all) cheaper than on Amazon or Newegg.