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Know any inexpensive black watches?

I'm looking for a simple, minimalistic black analog watch. Nothing too fancy. Preferably with all numbers present on the face, though that is not required. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas. I don't want to be spending much more than 60-70 dollars. Ideas? Info? Thanks.

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Seiko SNK809
I highly recommend Henry London, they have some gorgeous watches
id recommend the timex weekender if you want quartz, with that said the Orient Bambino series has a gorgeous selection that is worth paying twice the of the timex. You can also get them more affordably by buying either the first, second or third iteration of it.
Check out the Timex Expedition Scout. Looks very similar to the Hamilton Khaki field at 1/10 the price.
I bought this back in 2012: The backplate glows up with a green tint when pressing the wheel, so it's still easy to read in the dark.
Wow thanks!
When I was first getting into watches I picked up an all black timex, it has served me quite well and has run flawlessly for the last 3-4 years:
Swatch has a bunch that would match your description.
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