Sep 6, 2016

Entry Level Aviation Watches

I was wondering what you all think about two brands that I just discovered. I was looking at AVI-8 and Jack Mason because I really liked some of their aviation watch styles and their sub $200 prices on some of the watches. Do any of you have any experience with these two brands and know about the quality of the watches?
I am new to watches but very intrigued and would like to make a quality first purchase.


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If you hang out in the used playground long enough and are patient, you can probably eventually snag a used Revue Thommen Airspees when they come up occassionally which has cool aviation heritage [re read the wiki and the division that got involved w aircraft instrument gauges etc]
Check the Orient Flight. Entry level automatic aviator watches is a number of dial colors with normal brush steel and PVD case options.

Hey man, I'll be very honest, have a look at seiko snk809. If you want great entry range aviation watch, it's hard to beat, plus with just a simple band change you end up with a pretty amazing watch.
Here's my own sorry for linking my instagram page, I took the pictures with my cellphone and I'm on my PC.
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Also may I ask where you got your strap, it looks great and I'm not sure if the one I ordered will be perfect so I'm open to suggestions.
Yep sure!
I think Tisell's aviator watches are great value for their price:

Tisell is a South Korean microbrand which makes watches using Miyota and Seagull movements.
This is probably my favorite watch from Tisell but it's sold out:

I really like the look of those... I'm gonna have to check them out. Thanks
FYI: GREAT value can be had if you look at the Jules Breting brand. I just bought my third watch (own the Adama, Discovery, and the Nostromo) and haven't paid more then $120 for any of those models with the MSRP being around $1500. The quality is really outstanding for the price and there are several color options for each model too.
I own an AVI-8 and like it.. although I've heard bad reviews because of the Chinese movement
AVI-8 is not bad for its price range. The other good one around this range during sales season is Air Blue watches (also have their diving range Deep Blue). Laco watch are much better at slightly mid $200 and are truer to vintage German Aviators
AVI-8 watches look ridiculously cheap in person. I bought one and immediately resold it. They are HUGE. They have several non-working details that drawn people in, to only be disappointed when they realize its fake. I would avoid them at all costs.
Do some shopping for Laco watches.
You can get some for your 200$ price point.
They are a real brand with real history.
Look a lot nicer than these.
Good luck.
I haven't tried those brands but Id say the air blue Aviator is nicer in my opinion.
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