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Didn't check in for the past 2 days as I was getting ready to welcome the newest member to the collection. Bear with me guys and hear me out on why this is special.

This is the Grand Seiko 43999 AKA self-dater circa Jan 1965. Slow beat 18000 bph with chronometer cal. 430, sunburst silver dial with amazing faceted indices. This is the 2nd generation GS followed the 3180 from 1963. The 43999 was the first GS to have a date hence the self-dater name, first GS to be waterproof, and it was also the only GS/SEIKO to have "made in Japan" on dial while most just have "Japan". The gold lion medallion on caseback indicates the Chronometer grade movement of the watch. Later in 1965 the 43999 was renamed to 5722A (57GS) with caliber 5722 but it was essentially the same as cal. 430. And started with 5722B the word Chronometer was forced to be removed from dial as the Swiss claimed that the movement was not certified by a 3rd party but by Seiko themselves. There were total 81,000 pieces of 43999/5722 produced between 1963 and 1965.

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Beautiful piece G, and a very heart felt congratulations friend. A remarkably appropriate buy, considering 2017 is the first year of Grand Seiko's rebirth.... kudos man, gorgeous claim!
Thanks D. Definitely a "birth year" of GS. Thank you for the support as always!
Very cool. Beautiful shape. Love the signed crown.
Thank you.
Woah...that Grand Seiko is a.....Grand Seiko :) Congrats my man! Wear in good health!
I have been lusting after one for ages. Can't justify getting a modern one but this piece checks all the boxes.
What a great looking watch! I also enjoyed the history of the watch as well. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks man!
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