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Welcome to Audiophile Discussions

Hey everyone, and welcome to the new discussion system! This is a place for you to discuss, share, and learn with one another about everything related to being an audiophile. The platform is currently in the beta phase, as we work out the kinks with some of our community members. But while that’s going on, you’re still free to comment in any of the discussions. For now, we’re only releasing this platform to our Audiophile and Mechanical Keyboards communities, so we can get a handle on what works and what doesn’t. We’re starting with these two because they were the first communities on the site. We’ll start rolling these features out to other communities as soon as we get everything in tip-top shape. There are some basic rules for posting on Massdrop, and those apply here, as well. If you need a refresher, feel free to read up on our discussion rules and guidelines here: ( The TL;DR is this: Use common courtesy and show respect to one another. We are all here to learn more and grow the community together. As far as posting goes, pretty much anything is fair game, so long as it has something to do with audio—headphones, IEMs, amps, DACs, you name it. The best posts are those that encourage sharing and discussion. Some ideas for a great post include: your favorite new playlist, reviews on gear, or details on the headphone mod you’re currently working on. In the future, this post will be updated with additional features we roll out. Until then, we welcome everyone to the community and look forward to hanging out with you! If you have any questions, please post below and I’ll answer them as they come up. Cheers, Mike

What qualifies an item to be listed as, "Best of Massdrop"? Is it based on the quality / performance of the item, or is it based on the price differential, (or something else)? Thanks David
Hey David,
Best of Massdrop is used to highlight products that are most sought after in the community. Usually it's a combination of products that have been highly desired and requested by the community, products that have done particularly well in prior drops, and / or products that have a higher level of quality, craftsmanship, or performance for the price. There is no set formula per se as as some of these points are more subjective, but we always try to highlight items that reflect the community's opinion.
Great concept! Looking forward to learning more about products from y'all!
Also happy to see this -- let's see how the discussions evolve. Anyone into vinyl?
Starting the vinyl adventure myself!
Pretty awesome to be a part of this community and the new feature (even more prettier while I'm listening to some music with my Shure SE846s on and having a cup of coffee and some bitter chocolatte oh my..)
Can't wait to get some real discussion going in here. The heated debates will be glorious!
Amen to that. I look forward to being educated on some very random audio facts as this place gets going!
Nice, exciting stuff. I believe it's a great way to have some discussions relating drops and also a proper help forum available that doesn't go into the abyss with the drop itself ;-)
Are there any ways to build master threads and sub threads on here? Just wondering what the best format is for posting opinion pieces/reviews etc - not that I have particularly insightful opinions and my reviews suck, but hey, got to start somewhere! ;)
Not yet, but feel free to jump right in and start a thread. Totally agree with starting somewhere, we all have to!
Glad to be here too - really looking forward to seeing how this develops. Personally, I think Armaegis is on to a winner right off the bat, too. "The Angry Audiophile" has a nice ring to it...
I'm thrilled to be a part of this new feature for Massdrop! Looking forward to some excellent discussions on quality goods.
Hi Mike, loving the layout, should be fun!
Cool beans, happy to be here guys. I've been kinda thinking I want to do a "The Angry Audiophile" column wherein I mostly rant in a vaguely-over-the-top fashion about the things I don't like in products, in lieu of flowery gushy reviews that people always see. Buuuut, that's probably not the best thing on a site that wants people to buy things in large quantities eh?
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As long as it focuses on the products and doesn't go down a road of personal bashing I'm all for it.
Smiley face and wink man. Hane some fun.
Hi Mike, I am wishing the Massdrop and its new 'Discussions feature' a long and healthy run! :)