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Playstation 4 pro

Would any one else be interested? if so i created a pool but i am not even sure what i am doing? has any one ever created a poll for a playstation 4? and how low does it get?

I agree with StephanTheG, Sony will not going to agree to drop their product price on the PS4. Sony launched two new PS4 versions in late 2016. One is the PS4 Pro – a bigger, more powerful version of the original console that's been upgraded to play games on 4K High Dynamic Range TVs. My brother is the craziest fan of playing the games on PS4 ever since he bought Acheter Playstation network 50 euros ( ) from Press-start at a best deal price.
Listen Sony will probably not be willing to drop the price to their NEWEST product so if they will want to drop the price it will probably be about 5-6 months after the launch. And also the multiplayer will be the same as on the normal PS4. So if you are more of a multiplayer player you will not be excited of the multiplayer.
And you know what Sony sells them for.. how? When you go to gamestop (or any other store) PS4s and PS4 Pros are sold at full MSRP. "Suggested Retail Price", not Minimum Advertised Price, or anything of the like. I guarantee stores get them cheaper than MSRP, or else they'd never sell any. This is the same premise of massdrop. Buy enough items in bulk for a better deal, just like a store would. Except it's consumers saving money, not the stores.
They probably do get them below MSRP but still my answer still stands.And I DO get the premise of massdrop, genious.
Im personally not interested because the multiplayer will still have the same frame caps as ps4.
I'd go for a poll on the ps4 pro, but its too soon to make one. give it time or you could make a poll for the regular ps4.
There actually have been many polls made for PS4. If you type PS4 into the search bar you can find them. We have made attempts to source PS4 for the community but so far we have just not nailed down the deal that we would want to give to everyone. We are still trying so fingers crossed.
I'd join in on a PS4 Pro drop. And probably a PSVR drop too.