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I'm curious how many people here have turntables (that aren't neglected in the garage or attic). There are a lot of great things that I'd love to see drop here specifically for turntables. Record clamps/weights, phono preamps, cleaning supplies, etc. There are so many accessories. Having a turntable show up from time to time would be pretty cool too.
Obviously if nobody is really interested in turntables here there isn't much point trying to find some cool stuff to drop.
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SOTA Sapphire user here, for 30 years. Looks very similar to this:
Own a couple of TTs, a vintage and a newer one .. would be beyond interested in TT related drops. Cleaning supplies, preamps, weights .. I’m all about it. Bring ‘em on!
There's definitely interest. I would consider joining a drop for a good TT ~$300 or so. Looking for solid entry level as I only plan to use it couple times a week, if that.
I just decided that I would get a turntable I didn't need to upgrade, so I got a Shinola Runwell and run it through a Schiit Freya pre-amp (not a phone pre-amp, the Shinola has a great one built in) and pipe that through my Yamaha HS8s. The sound is truly... transformational.
I have yet to find a new turntable that can offer the slightest bit of performance for the price you pay for an old one in good condition.
I'd love to see things like dust cover repair kits or new dust covers that aren't as prone to scratches for common models.
I imagine a high-performance budget TT would sell well on Massdrop. Personally I'm thinking of the Rega RP1 (if they are still making this?) or the Rega Planar 1. I own the Rega RP1 "performance pack" version and it's a wonderful budget TT. After that I agree with AtoineP: high quality pre-amps or cleaning kits could be interesting for a large set of Massdrop users.
Reasonably priced audiophile phono pre-amps would be great, but most of all I’d like Massdrop to do a record cleaning system of some kind. Even the plastic box + spindle kinds seem way overpriced to me.
A record cleaning system would be great!
Technics 1200 and ortofons
Just buy a Uturn... they sell exactly to the massdrop demographic
And they sound wonderful, the U-turn basic was what convinced me I wanted a no-joke high end TT in my life.
Not sure if this thread is still interesting to anybody, but anyway, FWIW, I have a few including Garrards 301 & 401, and a Thorens 160 which gets the most airtime ATM. I might be interested in some TT accessories too I guess.
LP12. Ittok. Custom PS. ANK pre. Holy Crap what a sound...
I find stabilization/weights do help on cheaper vinyl, but I made myself loco a/b'ing some years ago and have given up the habit.
I have been using grado carts for many years now...the whole range...superb...and they do scale well.
I am so pleased that the LP12 is still alive...and keeps getting better. Many outstanding upgrades and part replacements have become available from asian manufacturers in the last few years. It's not the easiest TT to get set up properly, in fact, it can be a bit of a pain in the ass, but if one can pick up a basic model in good condition, and you like to tinker and upgrade, this is the deck for you, nerd. In fact, there are so many parts available, you can (almost) build an entire LP12 without a single Linn part. WTF?!

I'm not sure what I would like to see dropped here for vinyl nerds, perhaps phono preamps and cartridges, but I'm guessing the demand is low. I'd say a relationship with Grado here is overdue. Would like to see some kits...and I do love that AudioNote gear.
Have one. Maybe more soon.
I have several TTs, I re-build or upgrade them as a relaxing hobby.
Just got done doing up a Pro-Ject Carbon, have a pretty decent Harman Kardon, a recently re-done Denon.
I am quite interested in seeing turntable gear here on Massdrop, especially cartridge and needles at accessible pricing.
I am sure we could, at least. do some of the more universal accessories here, like noise reduction gear, cleaning gear, de-magnatizing schtuff.... anything to make this addiction a bit less costly would be welcome, as I am a hardcore junkie.
I have a working Linn Basik Turntable from the 90s, I would like to see cartridges on Massdrop. I would like to see Dynavector 10x5 or equivalent on a Drop. However, each turntable plays the best with a specific cartridge, and there are many, many choices. May be hard to get a good consensus, I believe it will be hit and miss, but we should try it.
I listen through Technics SL-1210MK2.
Use my technics 1200 mk3, with AT440MLa stylus, and pro-next tubebox s (pre-amp) about 4 times a week. Sounds great.
Been spinning records (again) for over 15 years. Nottingham Analog TT/arm combo (Interspace), Wrightsound phono pre, Lyra Delos cart. Phono preamp is on my short list as mine is aging, been looking at Parasounds JC3+ and JC Jr. Also looking at the Okki Nokki cleaner. I'd love to get the Audio Desk ultrasonic cleaner, but not paying $4K for one.

For newbies, a drop of a lower end Project, Music Hall package would most likely garner interest.
I am just getting started with turntables. I found a not-working Technics SL-1900 for free, and am replacing the cartridge on it (whenever the new cartridge gets in). The needle on the pre-existing cartridge was broken off, and it is currently completely unbalanced, but it still turns on, spins, and strobes so that is at least a good sign (as far as I know).

Hopefully the new cartridge will arrive in time for me to swap that out over the weekend and try balancing the tone arm. I picked up a few decent-condition pre-owned records as well, so I am ready when I get the turntable back to (fully) working order.