Sep 12, 2016


I'm curious how many people here have turntables (that aren't neglected in the garage or attic). There are a lot of great things that I'd love to see drop here specifically for turntables. Record clamps/weights, phono preamps, cleaning supplies, etc. There are so many accessories. Having a turntable show up from time to time would be pretty cool too.
Obviously if nobody is really interested in turntables here there isn't much point trying to find some cool stuff to drop.

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I am just getting started with turntables. I found a not-working Technics SL-1900 for free, and am replacing the cartridge on it (whenever the new cartridge gets in). The needle on the pre-existing cartridge was broken off, and it is currently completely unbalanced, but it still turns on, spins, and strobes so that is at least a good sign (as far as I know).

Hopefully the new cartridge will arrive in time for me to swap that out over the weekend and try balancing the tone arm. I picked up a few decent-condition pre-owned records as well, so I am ready when I get the turntable back to (fully) working order.
As a DJ who started on vinyl I still own and use (2) Technics SL1200MK2's. They are built like a tank and will last forever if not abused.
Interest! I use a Philips GA312. It's my first decent TT, but it has it's limits - the floating chassis is a hate/love thing. I'm looking to upgrade my components - speakers, separate my amp/receiver combo, and I'd like to build out a mono only setup this year.
ordered my first pair of headphones and an amp and very interested in giving vinyl a try!
I'm a regular on Massdrop and vinyl is my primary source! I have a Pro-ject Carbon TT and hope to upgrade in the near future. Looking for a new phono stage.
I just bought a Music Hall turntable and would LOVE to have more vinyl-related drops!
I'd be interested!
I'd like to see phono preamps and cartridges
I own a collectors item,, a Technics SL-1200 MK1, yes a 1 - no quartz=you twiddle the knob,, that is coming back out of hibernation. Thinking of simply using it, but also playing with the Idea of ripping some vinyl to DSD 5.6 with a Korg 10R:

“The two things that really drew me to vinyl were the expense and the inconvenience.”

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What do you think about the PS Audio Nuwave Phono Converter? I'm considering this over the Vincent PHO and DS-10R. Again, these are all fairly different products.
Looks like a wonderful deal, using THAT hardware is nice - fav company,, but... you have to decide PS = passive EQ or Korg = Software EQ (6 curves). My stance also is trying to hold to true native DSD transfers, the PS is DoP, so on this alone I would go with Korg. Just me trying to hold resolute to at least one base rule. I'm sure this PS is exceptional, but when I first heard native DSD from a master source... I'm sticking to native; that rapture thing is kinda nice when you can get it.

"The AudioGate 4 contains a DSD phono equalizer that restores all of the sound that went into cutting the record, while minimizing any effect of the equalization process on the sound. In addition to the standard RIAA curve, five other curves(*2)are also supported. Phono equalization can be applied as you record, or when playing back an un-equalized DSD recording made from your vinyl sources. This versatile cutting-edge technology lets you appreciate the true power of vinyl records in a way until now impossible—even on high-end audio equipment.
*1. The record lathes used in the process of producing vinyl records cut a wider groove as the frequency of the sound becomes lower; this makes it difficult for the needle to accurately trace the groove during playback, and also decreases the recording time. For this reason, the record being cut is equalized to attenuate the low-frequency range and boost the high-frequency range, and the opposite curve is applied during playback. This compensation is applied by the “phono equalizer.” Since record players have a lower output level in comparison to most audio devices, it is necessary to boost the signal, and the phono equalizer typically performs this role as well. However on the DS-DAC-10R, the amplification is handled by an analog circuit and the equalization is separately performed using digital signal processing (within AudioGate 4).
*2. RIAA is the standard recording/playback equalization curve for records defined by the Recording Industry Association of America. It became a standard in 1954, but prior to that date there was no standardization between the various record labels. Since the curve is not indicated on the records themselves, it’s not possible to know which curve was used to record a given record; however it is said that nearly all records can be covered by the RIAA curve and five other curves. Try selecting different curves in AudioGate 4 and enjoy the resulting changes in tonality. "
A good turntable is a must for discerning music lovers. If you have access to a high end audio store make time for an excitimg experience, stop in, ask for a demo and prepare to have your mind blown. If you do not have a shop nearby and are serious Music Direct has the best selection. Stay away from TT's that are direct drive, good tt start around $300, comsider a demo and good listenimg.
What's wrong with direct drive?
DD tends to have greater difficulty maintaining a consistent rotational speed vs. a premium belt drive and supposedly more noise. Not really delved into TT much personally but I've researched it far more than I should :)
I love my Audio-Technica AT-LP 120
Pro-ject debut carbon user here :)

I'm a vinyl listener. My current generation player is a belt drive Teac TN-300 and my vintage player is a direct drive automatic Technics SL-3350. The Teac has an upgraded Audio Technica AT120eb cartridge.

I would be interested in isolation platforms, platters, and record clamps.
I have a Dual 1019 and a Project Carbon. Love em both for different reasons.
Been using mine still for quite some time, I do digital but I'm really old school.
System 1:
'70's Luxman L480 amp with LINN SONDEK LP12 TT, current setup.
THORENS TD125 TT with LUXMAN R3055 Reciever. System 2.
Plenty of us still out there !
sweet setup!