Sep 12, 2016


I'm curious how many people here have turntables (that aren't neglected in the garage or attic). There are a lot of great things that I'd love to see drop here specifically for turntables. Record clamps/weights, phono preamps, cleaning supplies, etc. There are so many accessories. Having a turntable show up from time to time would be pretty cool too.
Obviously if nobody is really interested in turntables here there isn't much point trying to find some cool stuff to drop.

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I own a collectors item,, a Technics SL-1200 MK1, yes a 1 - no quartz-twiddle the knob, that is coming back out of hibernation. Thinking of simply using it, but also playing with the Idea of ripping some vinyl to DSD 5.6 with a Korg 10R:

“The two things that really drew me to vinyl were the expense and the inconvenience.”

A good turntable is a must for discerning music lovers. If you have access to a high end audio store make time for an excitimg experience, stop in, ask for a demo and prepare to have your mind blown. If you do not have a shop nearby and are serious Music Direct has the best selection. Stay away from TT's that are direct drive, good tt start around $300, comsider a demo and good listenimg.
I love my Audio-Technica AT-LP 120
Pro-ject debut carbon user here :)

I'm a vinyl listener. My current generation player is a belt drive Teac TN-300 and my vintage player is a direct drive automatic Technics SL-3350. The Teac has an upgraded Audio Technica AT120eb cartridge.

I would be interested in isolation platforms, platters, and record clamps.
I have a Dual 1019 and a Project Carbon. Love em both for different reasons.
Been using mine still for quite some time, I do digital but I'm really old school.
System 1:
'70's Luxman L480 amp with LINN SONDEK LP12 TT, current setup.
THORENS TD125 TT with LUXMAN R3055 Reciever. System 2.
Plenty of us still out there !
sweet setup!
Turntables have made a comeback, no doubt.
i have 4 TTs:
Thorens TD150 out for repairs and upgrades , new capacitors, removable mains power outlet, same w interconnects, and me refreshing the wood plinth.
Denon DP52f, looking for cartridge upgrade
Denon DP47, Denon 110 cartridge
Ion Profile USB for ripping albums to digital files
use two DiscWasher kits
Lehman Black Cube phono stage preamp
VPI RECORD cleaning machine
Yaqin MC100b tube amp
.....always looking for advice, insight, upgrades...would welcome any discussion or products related to turntables and vinyl. Been at it for33 years

I do have the Technics SL 1200 mk5 paired with a rockit 5 G3 or on k7xx with fiio e17k from a decent pre-amp. I listen mainly to flacs and hi res music but the classic analog sound of vinyl is so refreshingly good and satisfying (not to mention a good conversation piece for anyone who visit the house). Imagine a Miles Davis album playing on a relatively bright monitor speaker or bright (ish) open ear k7xx. Match made in heaven. I'm still using the shure m44g that the dj installed, still sounds great!

It is difficult to get a hold of the classic TTs on a non-junkyard/filthy garage sourced TT and also since the newer ones that are decent are either overpriced or over hyped that pricetags get close to a secondhand car.
I tracked down a local DJ who mainly does electronic turntables and bought the TT secondhand stock from a famous store that sells high end turntables and DJ gears. It was slightly used while that DJ was on the road so i got good deal for half the market rice of secondhand Sl 1200s. I'm also glad it was well treated before it was sold to a dj (who hardly played the TT and stocked on a solid Road Ready case. ). My whole setup costed me around 800usd inc TT, pro-ject pre amp, rokit 5 g3 and decent cables and line level controller. Not that expensive to get into vinyl with decent sounding setup.

I'd like to see a drop over cleaning tools OR alignemtn kits with cleaing kits plus anreference test vinyl.
I have an old linear tracking Radio Shack branded p-mount turntable. Very compact. I kept waiting for MassDrop to do a turntable drop but it never happened. I came across a great price on the Debut Carbon DC at Musicians Friend and ended up buying that. I'd like to see a drop for a good record cleaning system (VPI etc).
Reading through this thread and looking at the images I get the strong impression that most younger vinyl owners are doing it just because they think it's cool rather than trying to setup serious analog listening stations. I don't want to get into vinyl because of the extreme cost of doing it right and achieving a level of sound quality I would find worthwhile.
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I can speak highly of the Debut Esprit. I've had one for years in one of my setups now and really do enjoy it. Overall great performer and very nice tonearm.

And I tend to agree. I think for me just turning music into an active "thing" and forcing myself to just enjoy the album as it was intended, from start to finish, really is what draws me to listening to records the most.
What phono preamp do you employ with your turntable?
I have a project carbon debut, going into an old onkyo surround setup from the early 2000s, it sounds good enough for me.

Backup in the closet is an old school Dual 1019 passed down from my grandparents.
I'm using a Thorens TD 160 with an old Ortofon cartage. It's going through a Rega Brio and Totem Mites
Great idea!

I'm using the U-Turn Orbit Plus with an Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge, a Luxman TP-114 Receiver paired with a Luxman M-113 Amp, and a pair of Polk Audio T15 bookshelf speakers. I managed to score the receiver and amp from my uncle, and I bought the speakers used on the cheap, so I was able put my system together a few years ago on a tight college student budget. Regardless, I'd love to see more vinyl related drops on here for sure!
At first I think having a few budget/low-mid range players would be beneficial (like AT LP60 and LP120, U-Turn, Pro-Ject, Rega, etc) tables, and some "universal" accessories would be great. Things like a record clamp, a few affordable phono pre's, etc. I think having some really nice high end stuff would easily fly later, but after some good discussions and polls to narrow down what people would want. Polls for MM and MC carts, high end tables and pres, etc.
I have linn Sondek Lp12, Sota, and AR. I like turntables and analog. Not sure there is much I really need. Perhaps phono cartridges.