May 23, 20173867 views
My JLC GeoPhysic Universal Time. I got it after I came to US from China. My first dress watch that I am really into. Before this I was mainly in for the divers and chronographs. This design is complicated yet elegant and still simple to see the local time.
To see the world time you just need to check the surrounding disk, the number closest to the city's name is the city's time. Just an amazing design beautifully executed by JLC. The world map has lots of details but does not overwhelm the dial to the degree that it would become a cluster. The minute/hour hands and the indices are still very much legible. The lume is also very subtle and blends in to the dial, as a good dress watch should.
I am just totally in love with this watch, maybe still a bit too much mess for the old guards but I love it the way it is. Functional yet elegant.


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Getting some serious watch posts now... WOW love it! I've been looking into the Reversos though.
10k? 🤔😣
It's value is only what you place on it. 😜
10k buys lots of hookers and skittles. :)P
Exceptional watch DW! Jaegers have always been a gentlemanly time piece, and the accompanying back story should make that all the sweeter man.... cheers!
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