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Good Morning People,

This one really is a Memorial piece, and likely my most valuable one. My siblings Swatch SCK401 Croccante from 1993. He would wear this little handy dandy quite a lot, and twenty four years later it still carries on. I've recently replaced the strap with a nice Swatch leathers that matched pretty well, as the little plastic tang finally gave in on the original (Also a note, Swatch replaces batteries and polishes for FREE!). The watch itself starts right up, and is keeping really good time actually. Even more amazing, all the chronograph pushers work and function correctly, as does the date wheel. The 37mm case was originally clear plastic, but with time, it has taken on a nice, even bronze/gold color (dare I say "Patina"). It's also super comfy!

The heart and spirit of a warrior gent powers this cool throwback. Y'all are gonna have to put up with a day or two more of Swatches.

To all a good weekend!
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This actually looks like something I would wear! :) That strap is pretty nice!
Wish all of my Swatches survived my teen years. They hit the Ohio market big right before Christmas during 8th grade year. I remember that all I wanted was a Swatch for Christmas. Of course my parents didn't know what all the hype was about. I just got my typical sweater and socks that Christmas. But I remember taking my Christmas and paper route money to go buy one right after Christmas so I could sport one before school started again. I should see if I can find my first Swatch on eBay. It was, after all, the very first watch I bought with my own money.
Thanks for bringing back the memories. :-)
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I remember the McG! Nice first to have
That is one absolutely beautiful timepiece. thanks for sharing :D