Sep 13, 2016

Can you help me find an SSD

Can someone please help me? I want an SSD. I'm thinking about around 60 bucks. What is good for my budget I'm thinking about the Kingston HyperX savage 120GB. I also dont really need that much space.
Thanx already

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SK Hynix sl308 comes in 120gb for $60, 250gb for $70 and 500gb for $125. Those are new egg prices though sometimes they're cheaper on Amazon.
edit: just wanted to say I have the 250gb in my new build and it’s been great, boot times are wonderful and I couldn’t beat the price per gb at the time I built about two months ago. The 250gb should be just in or very near your budget and that’ll get you by a little longer than just 120. Once Windows is on there with a game or two you‘d be surprised how fast it goes.
samsung 120gb

What are you planning to put on the SSD? The thing is, 120GB is considered pretty small now so I suggest don't go any smaller than 250GB in size, preferably 500GB. Also you should plan to keep approx. 25-30% of your SSD empty so that TRIM will have room to do its proper cleaning of data blocks on the drive. If TRIM doesn't have enough room, this can cause SSD performance to suffer greatly.
If you're on a budget
You can get a WD Blue for 250GB for a little bit steeper than $60. Probably $80-$100
Okay a great cheap ssd currently at $60 in end result is the su800 120gb. Dont listen to the other people. They dont understand ssds as much. The reason why is simple, the su800 has dram cache inside. What this allows is that for instance indexing where all the data is, is extremely fast as it is loaded on dram similar to the one used in computers. This enables fast random reads in your computer compared to other ssds. That's part reason why the 850evo is the best recommended ssd for budget/performance builds. While people would say crucial mx500 is good, honestly the iops and write speeds are all similar except that the su800 has a dram cache within. Not only that, when people say 5 year warranty, despite that being good, are you really planning on sticking to that for 5 years? Most components last beyond their warranty its simply a fall back method otherwise how would a company make money if all their parts were returned. However if truly you want good performance, you have to hit 240gb as manufactuers limit the quality of everything under 240gb to save money. (look into the disclaimer it will surprise you).
“”Don’t listen to anyone else they don’t know as much as me”” while I agree with the rest of your comment you’re part of the reason pcbuilding is toxic
Crucial mx500 same iops and write speed as samsung evo same 5 year warranty higher tbw and lower cost I've had many different ssd and samsung was my favorite but samsung is known to strong hold markets at higher prices and get sued for it like lcd tvs i have a crucial mx300 it is noticeably slower than evo but the mx500 just dropped 3 days ago so that will be my next ssd a 1tb for 260
Pretty much all SATA ssds have the same sequential performance, if you're doing real i/o intensive work the extra IOPS on a higher end drive might help.
Honestly I think a Samsung evo 125-250GB SSD will be plenty because they are only mainly used for your operating system and other programs that you use often, there’s no need to put any games on it
always check first before making purchases.
SSD prices vary a lot, but the common thing is app performance, and there they all look the same. Just go for cheapest 500GB one. Some games will require a lot of space. You will be surprised.
Why not get a Intel Optane 32gb. it is incredibly fast.
Don't think this matches purpose. The optane requires an i7 and is really more like dram then storage.
Do you mean 7+ gen intel core instead of i7.
Have tried several brands of SSD. The best is Samsung EVO. You say you don.t need 250GB? Trust me, you try to save the extra $25 to get a 125GB and in a year you will be regretting it as you near its capacity. Spring for the 250. I have a 1TB Samsung and im at 70% full. You can get a 250 on Amazon for $107.00
Would agree in size recommendation. SSDs tend to lose some performance benefits once they are greater than 50% full. So the 250gb gives you some margin. Worth a few extra bucks.
I have a Samsung EVO internal that works great. I've had it for over a year. Good luck with your decision!
patriot spark, ocz trion 150 , or pny budget ones
I'd say go for crucial on price, still a fast ssd. There's stuff to choose from. Just search crucial ssd on Amazon