Sep 13, 2016

Can you help me find an SSD

Can someone please help me? I want an SSD. I'm thinking about around 60 bucks. What is good for my budget I'm thinking about the Kingston HyperX savage 120GB. I also dont really need that much space.
Thanx already

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Pretty much all SATA ssds have the same sequential performance, if you're doing real i/o intensive work the extra IOPS on a higher end drive might help.
Honestly I think a Samsung evo 125-250GB SSD will be plenty because they are only mainly used for your operating system and other programs that you use often, there’s no need to put any games on it
always check first before making purchases.
SSD prices vary a lot, but the common thing is app performance, and there they all look the same. Just go for cheapest 500GB one. Some games will require a lot of space. You will be surprised.
Why not get a Intel Optane 32gb. it is incredibly fast.
Have tried several brands of SSD. The best is Samsung EVO. You say you don.t need 250GB? Trust me, you try to save the extra $25 to get a 125GB and in a year you will be regretting it as you near its capacity. Spring for the 250. I have a 1TB Samsung and im at 70% full. You can get a 250 on Amazon for $107.00
I have a Samsung EVO internal that works great. I've had it for over a year. Good luck with your decision!
patriot spark, ocz trion 150 , or pny budget ones
I'd say go for crucial on price, still a fast ssd. There's stuff to choose from. Just search crucial ssd on Amazon
go for a sata 240gb zotac premium edition, it is 70 on amazon right now
if you are able to spend 30 bucks more you can get the sandissk 240 gb one
Are you looking at SATA or M2? The connection can have a huge impact on price
if you really wanna save get a sandisk ultra
it's an ssd you can't go wrong really
Check buildapcsales. Samsung, and crucial are good brands. You can't go wrong with most options. SSD tech has improved greatly since the Sandforce era.
I recommend the 850 EVO Samsung 250 GB. I have mac mini 2014, which comes 1 TB HDD, it was too slow, i changed the HDD to SSD and it is now butter smooth. I think you must get 250 GB because eventually 120 will be not enough for you.
I would suggest the Samsung 850 Evo 120gb aswell. Works like charm. No issues yet.

I have this one. It's only 30 dollars to upgrade to 240gb, worth it in my opinion.

I've had the drive for 4 month with no problems.
Samsung makes some great SSDs, you can get a 250GB 750 EVO on newegg for like $70 or maybe a 850 EVO somewhere between $60-80. I've had no issues with them, personally. No real reason to limit yourself to 120GB.
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The SSDs I mentioned are all SATA internal SSDs (hopefully I understood your response correctly) and they're roughly in the same price range. No reason to spend more $/GB if you don't need to or limit yourself to a smaller SSD if you're not sure (especially when they're cheap-ish). Also, I have no experience with any Kingston drives, sorry.
thanks everyone
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