Sep 13, 2016

First time headphone buyer

hi I am a first time over ear headphones buyer and I am wondering whether I should go with wireless or wired???

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It really depends on what the application will be. I am old school, so I really like the wired headphones. I actually just purchased the Massdrop Hifiman Headphones, but can't give you an honest answer until I receive them at Christmas. Hifiman Headphones come in various models.
Honestly, this will depend in a lot of factors but you need to keep in mind the most important ones:

1. BUDGET! Yes, budget! No matter how good our recommendations are in regards of wired and wireless headphones, if you can't afford them they will just add more stress for you, and your wallet.

2. Do you NEED wireless? If you are going to use them mostly outdoors, doing some activities where cables can be an issue, with occasional walks, maybe public transportation as well, then: Yes, you probably need wireless.

Once you have an answer for these questions you will get far better help from anyone in the community. However, as owner of both, wired and wireless I can tell you that wired headphones will always be superior in terms of sound quality, but I also understand the practical use of a wireless headphone.

So assuming you need wireless and with no particular budget, I would personally recommend the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0. A very nice sounding pair of headphones, pretty decent when used wireless and even better when used wired.

Hope this helps! Keep us posted with what you decide to go with.

Welcome to this fascinating world! :)
You gotta look at what you want from a headphone to see what you need from a wired or wireless, we cant answer that for you. Wired has good quality with just plug and play. Wireless you gotta worry about battery and the quality of the bluetooth coding. One thing I really want to say is dont listen to GUTB he's a twat lol.. 300$ being low-fi is ridiculous especially if its like Usd.. His logic so so flawed might as well say all his lowfi headphones are mid fi because i can buy a pair pf thx00 or d2000 for under 300$. what kinda idiot rate headphone quality on how much you spend? defiant snake oil charmer..
You can find a great deal of great quality headphones for sub $200. I have the Sennheiser HD 518s and they're so comfortable. They've also lasted me at least 5 years (never bothered to count). The pads are wonderful with glasses; you can wear them for hours and forget you're wearing them, but make sure to get a different cable, the standard one is far too long. Replacement probably cost me $20.
Wired if you do not have to go wireless. wired gives you higher quality for less price to an extent.
If you care about sound quality of wireless get a Senn. Momentum 2 if not and like noise cancelling get a Bose QC 25.
if you need the best sound quality go wired but from here your options are endless.
Wired for better sound quality, wireless for more freedom of movement.
For a first time buyer-
Id recommend:VModa crossfade m100 / Audio technica ATH m50x/m40x if you want to save a few bucks
Wireless: cant really recommend, but bose quiet comforts are good
I'd second the m40xs. They were/are a great set of headphones
What type of music that you mostly listen to? You need to choose the headphone fit your music.
But as Heres_ginny said, go for wired, can make sounds improvement through an dac/amp.
Wired - trust me I made the same choice and couldn't be happier... I can't stress this enough.
Second that!
if, you dont have any budget constraint, just aim for the high end. This way you will save you hundred of bucks at the end of the days.
Closed can: Sony MDR-Z1R
Open can: Sennheiser HD800S
Are you seriously recommending for someone but their first pair of quality headphones to just go out and spend $1000+??? I guarantee you this dude is thinking of spending $200 tops.
Get wireless if you need wireless, get wired otherwise (better price/performance).
Bluetooth in its current state is still lacking when it comes to sound quality. You do get the benefit of no wires though. In the end it really depends if you want the convenience of the sound.
Wired, by far.
WIRED! Much better sound and much less cancer! I have a pair of AT-M50x's that I love! Not expensive at all as far as good headphones go. Can be easily found for between $130 - $150
Get the wired ones. Better fidelity.
I recommend hd600, hd650, he400i, he500. For mids, vocals.
X2, thxoo, th900, d5k, d7k, m100 for bass.
Hd800, x2 for gaming, symphony, classical.
T1,x2,th900 for everything.
My preference rank, HE 500, th900, hd800, t1, hd650, x2, hd600.
sibilant - x2, th900.
Non of them will disappoint.
with wireless you risk battery exploding into your ear. :) not a pretty picture. plus wired will have better quality (in general). wireless (I'm assuming bluetooth) will have amp matched to headphones - so it may sound better than your particular combo of amp+wired headphones. I personally just cannot have another device which I should keep on charging, and what if battery dies - I throw out $300 worth of headphones? I also happen to play games and any wireless element will add lag - be it keyboard, mouse, headphones, WiFi etc. So, no wireless for me.
wired -> better quality for ur money
wireless ->ease of no wires
this is how it usually is. there are exceptions
I was in the same boat you are in about a year ago. I wanted my music to sound better but I did not really know what exactly I was missing, only that it was not there.
I found a guru on YouTube his channel is called "Z Reviews". I won't attempt to tell you what you are missing but after watching some of Z's videos you can educate yourself enough to figure out exactly what it is.
heed to the word of Prophet Z so we will be all delivered unto audio Nirvana!