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Logitech MX Master

Does anyone have a Logitech MX Master. Im thinking of picking one up. Right now I game and I want to get into photo editing. Anyone know about them/have one? Anything to say?

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I have the MX Master (replacing my MX revolution) and the DeathAdder Chroma (PCGamer's favorite gaming mouse). The DeathAdder is faster, has much higher DPI, however, if gaming is not a priority, the MX Master is a far superior mouse. It's in a league of its own.
Get it, you won't regret it. I started off with the MX Revolution mouse and the MX Master is a step up from the Revolution from a technical standpoint.. I do, however, miss the scroll wheel < and > from the original MX Revolution tilt inputs because it did come in handy with things such as side scrolling when I used to edit videos on Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro. I also miss the charging cradle of the MX Revolution. Made the $100 spent on the Revolution feel more justified imo. Sadly the MX Master doesn't have a cradle, just a micro USB cable to charge. The Master is bluetooth which makes it great for desktops, laptops, tablets, and maybe phones or phablets and can work on multiple devices with the touch of the device selector. Stores up to 3 devices to work on so you have ONE MOUSE TO RULE THEM ALL.
How were you able to use the thumbwheel in Sony Vegas?
Using one with a windows pc, have had for about a year. At first, it felt far too big for my hand but within no time I found it to be the the most comfortable ergonomic mouse I've ever used. I don't video edit or game, but its still perfect for any generic work. The shortcuts are amazing, the infinite scroll is amazing, no complaints. If you can stomach the price, its an infallible mouse. Battery life is also fantastic.
Currently have one , most expensive mouse i've ever bough !! and now , i wont be able to go down again !! such a nice mouce , good for gaming , even if there is some more appropriate for gaming and outstanding for work.
Have one on my computer that I do a lot of work with Pro Tools/PS/Illustrator and honestly love it. I couldnt go back to being without it at this point.
I have been using one for a year now, mostly on a glass surface, and it connects to 3 different computers. I had issues with it's bluetooth connections with my MBP, it requires a restart of bluetooth on my MBP to re-connect like every other day. I ended up putting the USB connector to a HUB and connects the HUB to the computer I am using. It skips sometimes on the glass surface, but works well most of the times. So this is not an ideal mouse for my use case, but I am yet to find a better alternative.
I was going to pick one up, but when i looked at on in store i realized it was way to big for my hand. LOL
I currently have an MX Master, and it is outstanding. I can use if for light gaming and it is excellent for video editing, excel, and many other productivity based applications. The free scroll wheel is something I cannot live without anymore, and the horizontal scrolling is extremely useful for both business and school applications. I highly recommend picking one up.
The MX Master is great for the editing and doing computer work for gaming not so much the DPI is low and really for 1080p gaming but its really nice to video editing and and Photoshop! Gaming is nice on it but it is wireless and i prefer a wired mouse for gaming
I don't currently have one, but I prefer the Logitech 502 Proteus Spectrum mouse. It has just enough macros on it to be great for gaming and it has some good features that make it worth it to pick up. I've heard the MX Master can behave buggy at times, but overall is a pretty good mouse.
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