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I found this in one of my family old keepsake boxes

An old Buren 17 Jewel DD Auto, a base metal, manual wind sitting at 34MM. A basic oiling of the movement has happened, and it will get a deeper service soon, but it's been keeping good time since the oil bath. Gonna slap some straps on it for service duty, see how it wears. Thus far, all indicators point to this watch being a part of Buren prior to Hamilton's takeover of the brand in 1972, maybe pegging this one somewhere from the mid to late 60's. Finding info on the movement is proving a challenge, but I am not daunted in my efforts

My wife also found 1999 Swatch Irony YGS716 "Cool Days" from her childhood, which is a very nice 37mm quartz. Started right up with a new battery, and has obviously been keeping good time for a week or so now.

And I grabbed this for a childhood buddy who happened to like one of my old school swatches I was wearing, the Mezza Luna (apparently a lot of people had the Mezza Luna back in the day) He got all nostalgic, so I grabbed him this SUON700 "Blue Rebel", and spiced it up with some silicone camo OEM "Incognito" straps. It sits at a healthy 41mm, is a Day/Date, and just a really cool watch. I hope it rekindles some fun and memories, and gets the DeepSea off his wrist at least a few days a month!


Cheers, and happy almost Friday people!
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Hmmmm.....what else ya got in that wonderful mystery box?!
Dude you have a great Swatch collection! That Buren is a absolutely stunning!
Those straps look Perfect for that watch (-=
LOVE the Buren! So retro because it is! lol great pieces all around! Awesome treasure chest find! :)
Thanks Jimmy!