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What do you guys think of Ganzo Knives?

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Hello Guys! I have heard that Ganzo will reliase a new knife FH51 soon, it is nice one but still is not available for sale, I can`t wait -want it. Also I tried one more Ganzo new model FH12 with stainless steel handle, nice knife and has smooth action. As always I bought it here:
Hi guys! How do you do? I bought a new Ganzo knife from FH series with D2 steel, model FH21 with gray handle. It is an amazing EDC, has ergonomics design. It is a great thing for knives lovers. You can buy it here:
The FH21 is a great knife at that price. I'm less impressed with the FH31 but it's still good.
Ganzo’s knives are a great value. Good designs, well good reinterpretation of other knive brand designs, made with ok blade steel. If you need a good pocket knife or you are getting into knife collecting, Ganzo is worth picking up.
Great knife for the money. I have purchased two, one as a gift. The main reason for purchase was travel. At the $20 price point, I am not worried about losing it to a dishonest TSA worker or the like.
Oh Guys, I bought an amazing tanto knife FH31-CF by Ganzo. Realy they make good knives now, especially FH series with D2 steel. Who also like D2 steel go to this store on Amazon and get it too.
Guys, Ganzo has new knife FH11 with d2 steel and ball bearings. I have ordered one on Amazon
They're really good gift knives (for non knife people) and really good beater knives. The main problem with all of these 20$ knives is really inconsistant quality issues. Generally 1/5 knives will be really bad, so buy 2, return 1.
Honestly though, save up and buy something nicer, like a kizer/tangram or steel will for 40-50$. Or a Ontario rat in D2.
Absolutely the best value knives in the game. For sub 20.00 440C that is well done. You can not beat a Ganzo. I load up on these puppies during the holidays and hand them out to friends, family and coworkers. They can’t believe how inexpensive they are when they look into the price. I just wish they would make more varieties and give them names instead of numbers
They are fun and inexpensive. I have a bunch and the 7601 and 7603 are the best. They are smooth and feel like a much more expensive knife. I have seen them for as low as $15.00. The Sanrenmu Land 910 and 910 plus series are good alternatives. They will surprise with their fit and finish and quality for 15 to 20 bucks.
I bought a few to tinker around with and practice using my wicked edge on before trying to sharpen my nicer knifes. There are definitely some QC issues but overall they are functional. I have gifted them to co-workers to encourage them to carry something rather than nothing. They have not discouraged me from buying and carrying my Benchmade and ZT's.
I like them, I like Sanrenmu, I like Enlan. The steel is excellent on most if people would thin the edge. I carry them without fear as I could absorb the loss and the paddy they evoke in seppos is hilarious. I love blade forums threads as the foam at the mouth hatred and racism about foreign products pours forth, typed on machines entirely dependent on those countries for manufacture and many others for materials.
This one is fun too.
Good knives, occasional lemon, does the job and no fear of expensive loss or modding to fit the individual better.
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seppos is short for septic tank which rhymes with yank
septic tank? like,.. fat and full of shit? LOL (as a "yank" im highly offended ofc, yada yada, boooh! get the tortches&pitchforks ;) )
Yes they borrow from American companies for earlier models but usually they're different enough that nobody is going to mistake a F7531 for a Protech TR-4 or a F7652 for a Benchmade 941. I think they're excellent knives for the money. The newer models seem to be based on original designs. The Ganzo/Firebird 7603 with it's "G-Lock" and ball bearing system is insanely smooth to open and close. The 7611 is a beast, I used one to help build a few miles of fence and their isn't a mark on it. My only con for Ganzo is the majority of their knives are all on the larger size. I wish they made a few more like the F7531m

I picked up my first Ganzo a few weeks ago. I am impressed with the quality that comes at this price. Some people want to accuse them of stealing business away from popular manufactures. I don't think a person looking to drop $150+ for a name brand is looking to settle for a $25 knife. Just not the same market.
A few years ago I bought the popular G704, one in black and one green. Was very impressed with the quality for the price.
I dont own a Ganzo, but I have bought a couple Eafengrows, Kubeys, and Sanrenmus. As someone with a relatively new knife addiction and no background knowledge on the subject, other than lessons learned from using a basic Swiss Army knife over the years, I found those cheap knock-off knives very helpful. They let me try out different styles and design elements I'd read about but didn't really understand--and couldnt have truly understood--w/o some hands-on experience.
For example, is Ti really so much better than stainless steel or Al for a frame/scales/liner that it justifies the extra cost (the answer for me, at least, is "yes" to the stainless but generally "no" to Al, provided its a quailty piece; my Al Protech Newport is every bit the equal to many Ti constructed knives).
They make good throwing stars...
bought my first ganzo last week. the firebird line f753m1cf. very cool looking knife. extremely affordable for the quality. i honestly think the whole ganzo stealing design hoohaa is mostly an american thing.
of course as an american you'd prefer to support your american brands. as for someone who can't afford even 50$ knives due to exchange rate, spyderco or any other established brands won't lose their customer out of me since i can't even afford it in the first place.
You can't beat Ganzo in value dollar for dollar. The problem with Ganzo is that it will never make you satisfied if you are into knives unless you are extremely lucky. You can tune a Ganzo to work better. You can fix any grind inconsistencies. You can modify parts of the knife that are useless. The problem is, by the time you are done you are better off buying the original design. If Ganzo made their own designs, they'd put many American companies into the grave.
All the people crying about how Ganzo steal from American companies need to get a grip on life. No one respects US trademarks and copyrights outside the USA, nor should they because that's the way the world works. If BM wants to be recognized as the best knife company in the world, they need to have the best quality, value, and service. After owning several BM knives, BM can only deliver on one of the three. Like other posters have said, stop raising prices and forcing MAP and maybe I'd respect these "premier" companies again.
I'm an unrepentant owner of Chinese and American made knives. I put my BM clips on my Ganzos, get mad!
Maybe benchmade wouldn't be getting knocked off if they actually updated their line and stopped creeping prices up year after year.
My BM940 was 110 dollars when i bought it, and s30v was the new hotness at the time.
Good luck finding one under 170 bucks now.
"Oh, you want something from benchmade with any kind of titanium whatsoever? that'll be 500 dollars asking price. Yes, we know everyone else is doing it for half that price with better designs. "
Ganzo sure is making knockoffs, but they're doing god's work in keeping do-nothing companies like benchmade in check.
Flat-out wrong. The knives they're ripping off for the most part aren't intended to be crappy beater knives. They're thoughtful designs, arguably works of art, with ergos and materials intended to work together to provide superior cutting tools. You can get any number of beaters designed to be beaters. If you want a great knife for a low cost that you're not afraid to abuse then Kershaw, CRKT, Ontario knives, etc have plenty of knives that should be perfect for you and aren't ripping off anyone else's work. These are for people who like the look of nicer knives but don't want to spend the money, and in my opinion that's no better than buying counterfeit shoes or ripping DVDs. Stealing is stealing, period.
Plus, if you're paying $100+ for a knife and you're afraid to abuse it, you're either ignorant/incompetent (I don't say that insultingly; those are just the words for it) when it comes to understanding the uses of various knife designs and properly using and caring for those knives, or you're buying some overpriced, poorly made knives. My LionSteel KUR cost me almost $200, and it's been to hell and back and never once let me down. Yes, sharpening that Sleipner steel is more of a chore than the lousy Walmart kitchen knife steel on these Ganzos, but it holds its edge much longer and won't bend or snap if I have to pry something. You would've gone through 4 or 5 of these Ganzos in the space of time I've used and abused my genuine LionSteel, and I'll still be using it for years to come while you're buying your 20th replacement. So you're not even saving money.
I know that people like boutique knives that look good and are really expensive. But for your money Ganzo knives are really great. They are perfect knives for people who actually use them. If I have to do some work around the house I'm grabbing one of my ganzo's I can literally do anything I want with it and not worry about a nick or breaking a tip and ruining a $50 or $100. I've used my spyderco tri-sharpener and have gotten these really sharp. I love them. If I didn't have an addiction to brand name knives I would exclusively buy Ganzo.
Three out of four ganzos I bought had screws that stripped or turn and won't back out. Their axis like lock was very stiff. I think they're garbage and won't be buying anymore.
I haven’t needed to take mine apart, so I can’t say one way or the other. That would be a problem if I was in your situation. Do you know a brand I really like now?? TwoSun i bought 6 of them in the last year and half. They are very well machined use d2 and m480 and have some really cool designs. I love them. Check them out...
Ganzo are rip off artists. Copy designs, steals mechanical, disregards patents. Detest Ganzo.
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I ask because the only knife that has had a utility patent that I am aware of is the Benchmade Axis Lock which has expired (and it makes you wonder why Benchmade let it expire) and the hole on spyderco's blades. Ganzo doesn't infringe on any trademarks or IP of these companies so no one is confusing their knives for American-made knives. My point is, I don't think what they are doing is illegal. And I don't think that any of their knives duplicate other companies work to the point that it reaches counterfeit and is unethical, etc. (especially at their price point - if they were trying to compete with Benchmade or whoever that might be a different story).
Benchmade was only licensing it from McHenry-Williams, and like many things, it's more of a novel use of a roller bar as a locking mechanism than such a proprietary device that it deserves long-term intellectual property protections.
A couple of decades of selling Axis locks without competition is a good run for a well-designed locking mechanism like that, but now the general concept is not proprietary and not something that can be responsibly limited to Benchmade-branded knives. I don't think they can sue over someone else's patent, either. I don't think they bought the patents, just licensed it.
Sanrenmu and Ganzo are OEM makers for some well known knife brands. They're a bargain and make good beaters. You can use em guilt free.Use em for stuff you wouldn't use your Mcusta for
Unrepentant Chinese rip-offs of Benchmade, Spyderco, Lionsteel, Protech,etc. Some will view them as cheap, reasonably well made alternatives. Others see them as an abomination, and would rather spend more for the better materials, construction, QC, and warranty/customer support of the actual patent holders. You have to decide what's more important to you.
Not to hijack this thread, but what about Sanrenmu? That's another very affordable Chinese manufacturer. Just to see, I bought this one on Gearbest:
I was floored by the quality when I got it! First of all, machining is top notch, tolerances are crazy, everything fits together without play or wobble (the frame lock is a joy to engage and disengage!), no blade play either, and the quality of finish is crazy high. That dragon, for example, is beautifully and deeply etched, it does not look like cheap laser etching, but rather like machine or acid etching. I did not believe my eyes and my fingers when I saw the etching.
This looks like a knife that would cost ten times as much! OK, the steel that they used is not a co-called "premium" or "super" steel (no Elmax there!), but it's very decent. According to the specs it's 12C27, used by some Laguiole, for example. That is a Swedish steel and it's been used successfully in many knives, retaining a good edge and being very rust-resistant.
All of this for twelve bucks Canadian! I mean you gift this to a young boy or girl going on camping, and they would jump around in joy for a long time!
Never heard of them until I saw this thread, but I must say that I'm interested now.
I have a rule for my EDC knives: Don't spend enough that you would hesitate to use it for something that you know will take the edge off.
These seem to fit in that category well. Does anyone have any real objective reviews?
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In the sub $25 price range they compare favorably to any other knife I have seen. I have had the occasional stripped screw etc. but that is not the norm for Ganzo. They seemed to have upped their game in the past year or two but perfect? No.
They're garbage. Their screws strip or just turn and won't back out. Stiff locks. Don't waste your money. Get a kershaw or crkt instead.
They are extremely good value. I ordered one from amazon but the customs kept it even though theyre perfectly legal here :/
Have two bought at same time. One is carbon fibre, and has an excellent action . The other is like it came from a different manufacturer, major POS.
Can you please let me know which model you bought? I'm a suckah for carbon fiber and steel sandwiches :-)
I picked up the G7412 sweet action and nicely sharp