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How do I make my S.M.S.L. V2 play music

I bought a Massdrop S.M.S.L. V2 DAC/Headphone amp, but don't know how to use it and the "manual" that came with it is almost no-exitant in its briefness. Where do I go to find help? Is this the place?

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Thanks. Will put it to work tomorrow.
Assuming you have the power cord and USB cable plugged in and have installed the drivers, you should be able to select the DAC as the default playback device (for Windows, access Sound menu from Control Panel or right-click the speaker icon in taskbar then click "playback devices").
Thanks! This is helpful. So, I need to put the installation disc that came with the S.M.S.L unit in my computer and follow directions? Once the unit becomes the "default playback" device does Windows play digital music via the S.M.S.L. unit or do I another software to do the playing?
Close enough. Once drivers are installed and you select the DAC as the default playback device and have headphones or speakers connected to the unit, you'll get sound just as you do with onboard sound. No additional software needed.
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