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Todays wrist-check is my Seiko 5 Automatic SNK809 (black dial).

This SKN809 was a sudden purchase with plans to remove the included all black canvas strap and use it on my other Seiko 5 Automatic, the SNK803 with beige dial. I made the swap and I think black & beige looks great, see my pic’s here:

I followed through and picked up the Nick Mankey Designs leather ruler watch strap (with nickel studs) via a MassDrop for the now strapless SNK809 - the results are in, what do you think? Although the nickel studs on the new strap don’t match the case, I think it still looks nice. Plus I can always look around for a pair of case matching studs at a later date.

The Seiko 5 SNK series automatics are rock solid, keeps excellent time, takes a punch when needed, and stays out of the way by not being too big or bulky as a weekend around the house tool watch. Just like the vintage Seiko 5 Automatic I wore yesterday (cal.6309-510A) the crown does not allow hand winding and the movement is non-hackable....bummer. Overall I love SNK series and Seiko 5 Automatics in general, I may step-up my game by going after a higher end $$$$ Seiko 5 next year….we’ll see.

Movement: Seiko Cal.7S26 21 Jewel Automatic (non-Hacking or Hand Winding)
Complications: Day & Date
Power Reserve: 40hrs
Case: Stainless 37mm Fine Brushed Stainless Steel
Case Back: Skeleton See-thru
Crystal: Scratch Resistant Hardlex
Band: 18mm Canvas
WR: 30-meter



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As a two time dropper for these ruler straps, I can attest to the comfort and versatility in my rotation. Like Nick stated, I also use one stud and the stud is usually on the inside part of the wrist. I am on the computer 11hrs a day and I find it fine and does not bother me at all when deskdiving. May I suggest the dark studs to compliment the SK5? Great combo btw :)
Nice strap
Never EVER go wrong with and SNK. Tough, durable little tank of a watch, also looks great on Nicks ruler strap dude
The color combo of the watch and strap look great. Tell me more about the strap. I remember when they dropped but I didn't join because I really wondered about the comfort of those studs. Seeing how the sit at the bottom of your wrist, and knowing how often I'm on my laptop, I'm wondering if they get in the way or are not noticeable. That's definitely one thing that kept me from joining that drop. Also, if you're wearing long sleeves, will the studs catch on the cuff?
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As you may have guessed, I'll most likely steer clear of cuffs and desktop or laptop computers while wearing this setup. Beside, it's too nice of a strap to be hidden beneath a cuff or worn while sitting in an office cubicle ...ha! Anyway, thanks for the awesome strap!
Question: Got any plans on crafting a leather fountain pen cases, holder or pouch any time soon? I'm in the market for one that holds two average size fountain pens nice-n-snug.
Gotcha. You do you!
And actually, yea! A friend of mine recently showed me his high end pen collection and I'm feeling pretty inspired. You can shoot me an email at and maybe we can put something together! I do custom work all the time :)