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It is unseasonably warm where I am today (high 80's in Chicago during mid-September) so keeping it casual at work. Khakis, tee and the Ted Baker Vintage Analog Display ( model # 10025259 ). 42 mm, mineral crystal face, Japanese quartz movement.
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Ted Baker's designs are great.
Agreed, I am a fan. I like the use of color with the minimal/traditional aesthetic.
can only wish we were in the 80's. here further south, 97 called for high, we're already low-mid 90's and heat index values will be around 103 in a few hours... super cool watch. i cannot wait for it to cool some so can wear leather straps more. here, summer is hot fall is hot winter is/can be warm spring also [very] warm.
I cannot wait for it to cool down so I can start wearing some long sleeves, sweaters and jackets! This warm weather in September is making my brain malfunction.