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Friday, time for mouse. I *heart Disneyana, this is a rarer model Lorus automatic (Seiko Corp Singapore V621-6050 ), 17 jewels w quick set. I love the attention to detail they showed, where most watches (including lots of 'higher end' Swiss brands go for cost savings by re using date wheels in white across models with different color dials (even at the expense of aesthetics/design), this watch features a brushed gold tone date wheel to go with the case and dial color, the only white is what is needed, Mickey's gloves.

I think it's from late 80's to very early 90's, and so far (recently got it) running pretty accurate, still testing power reserve (i suspect it ran out last night on my intermittent winder [stops to prevent over winding some watches on its own program ] so I had to correct date/time this a.m.), but seems spot on since i set it this a.m.

I have it (for now) on a navy blue nylon with brown leather accents strap (sort of Timex outdoor/Swiss army field type) strap w a polished gold tone buckle.



Decent size watch, i need to look up the dial specs, i'd say it's no smaller than 38, wears bigger, maybe it's a 39mm
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That's a classic and nicely done.
appreciate your comment. it was one of those things i knew i wasn't looking for -> but glad it found it. cheers!
Must admit, thats a pretty cool watch! Respect the mouse!
haha all of them, the duck, the dog, etc but yes the mouse sort of runs that playground. Happy Friday! :-]