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I missed these headphones in black color. Will there be any to purchase again, I want them so bad :( I've seen the red color yesterday but I really really don't like that color. The black is perfect....

I voted for the drop btw...
Quinne Mckinnon, ltopper, and 1 other

We got 2 years warranty on the AKG K7XX directly from AKG in Austria?
I joined the drop :) So HAPPY!!! :)
Excellent, I can buy them right away? When will they start shipping them? Cant wait to get them!!!
Not exactly, there will be waiting times involved. Refer to the drop page's description. Estimated shipping date is all the way at the bottom.
That black and red is so ugly, my gal says its disgusting but all black - mmm EXTREMELY beautiful !!! Cant wait for drop to start again... :(
Back, as predicted, not that it was a difficult prediction to make:
Pinging @end27 too. Enjoy your new headphones!
Exact same thing for me. Hopefully our wish get granted soon.
Can't wait for black color :(
Probably soon. Don't believe remaining stock sold out since last drop.