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Todays wrist-check is the Lupah I originally wanted to buy before I ended up with the Lupha featured yesterday - today it's the Invicta Lupha 23208 Chronograph

A co-worker of mine has two Lupha's similar to this one, just in different colors. The Lupha is such a unique looking watch with it's oversized dome crystal showing off all the dial details. At first I was a bit put-off by the skewed hour markers / numbers but I've come to love them over the time of my ownership. The lines, ridges, and diamond shaped textures detailed on the surface of the dial adds a hint of class to what some see as just another oversized watch.

This Lupha came with a few extra 24mm leather straps which I have yet to try because I like this watch with the supplied black strap against the gold dial the best. There is a blue dial version of this Lupha that I really wanted but I was unable to find one NEW in my price range or used in good condition. But that was then, now I have my sights set on the Invicta Lupha Automatic 24031, once again stay tuned!

As with my Lupha 14199 featured yesterday, I get plenty of looks when wearing this watch. Some seem shocked by it's size, others lured by that big domed crystal - either way it's well received.

NOTE: The Invicta website list this watch as having a caliber VD54 movement but I believe that information is incorrect. I'm sure the movement is actually the ISA cal.9238/1970 quartz chronograph movement from China.

Movement: ISA cal.9238/1970 China Quartz Chronograph Movement
Complications: Date, Day, GMT 24hr
Case: 44.5mm Tonneau Polished Stainless Steel
Case Thicknesses: 19mm
Crystal: Domed Scratch Resistant Flame Fusion
Band: 24mm Genuine Leather
WR: 30-meter




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Shitty brand & shitty looking watch.
That watch must grab a lot of attention. And that domed crystal is crazy. I'd love to see how that refracts the dial as you rotate the watch in person.