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Trifoglio Milimetro once again. I had it out because my new leather rallye band arrived from Crown and Buckle! Time to swap!


Turns out I should have measured first before ordering. I ordered a 18 mm based on the listing for this watch on Massdrop, but turns out this baby is 20 mm all day. Only to be reinforced by the 20 on the original band, which I didn't notice when removing it.
Adding to the confusion - the khaki band pictured here was ordered from Country Comm as an 18mm. I've had it on this Trifoglio and it fit like a glove. Which means they shipped me the wrong size.
Well that was a fun lunch break! Now that I need a properly sized rallye what do you guys say, tan or black?
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I just realized this watch was offered here as a drop recently. How much was it? 😏
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Looks great! Always love rallys even on divers lol.
BandrBands are awesome. One of my favorite stores! :) But ok, I'll take credit for it lol.
I was going to mention the 20mm on your original post. (After checking the site)
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Bandrbands? You've seen my straps from them, you won't regret it!
Yes indeed! Loved the look of it so got one of my own.
Tan is the way to go.
Yooo Benz, with that kind of dial? TAN.
Yeah tan looks great. For me, I use plastic calipers to get measurement on my watches. Metal on metal gives me the heebee jeebees :-P
Tan man.... Thats a sharp looker