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well it was almost 'Fall" like this morning (in that wasn't hot at sunrise for once), so first half of the day got to wear something w a strap.
said in past i feel it's a shame Citizen pulled the plug on Bulova's Swiss watches , but I understand why they did it.
This is from later in the line and I mainly got it because I had really been after a nice brown/chocolate sunburst dial, and it's not as common and when I did see it, there was a hefty premium on it.
The design is attractive albeit I feel too large given the lack of chronograph complication , so not sure why a 42 mm case was needed, but it's easy to read, and the case shape is beautiful with those long curved lugs that definitely nod to the Accutron tuning fork.
These watches used a propriety 3 hole screw for the case backs and in the instance of some models, locked the straps in and the tool cannot be purchased, it must be sent to Bulova (they did provide some to ADs for a bit I think) for removal/adjusting, etc.
I was surprised how long it took me to find an attractive brown dial, I don't think it's nearly as popular a color choice as white/black/blue/cream etc.



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