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sportin' my (i think 1982 + or - a year or two), Enicar Ocean Pearl. Still runs like a champ, i don't think ever been serviced.
I love the unique quick change date feature of the AR165 (AR for named after founder Ariste Racine, and the last name is where the watch name comes from "Enicar" is just his last name backwards ) movement. Rather than pulling crown to position 1 and turning, you pull the crown all the way out to position 2, then pop it back to 1 and it flips over, then again pop to two and pop back to 1, and it flips date forward again by one. Super unique, never come across that before.
some good detailed picks from my wrist check a long time ago here, condition wise nothing changed, i baby this thing since it's so darn unqiue, and original un-messed w/ condition

and today


condition it's minty used, lady it got it from told me her father bought it new (from Canada but don't know if bought in Canada), he wore it a short while but then jumped on the quartz revolution train and threw it in a drawer and basically there it stayed pretty much until I came to have it, so edges are shart, few lived in marks, but no trauma, and i don't think ever been polished or anything.
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Nice find. Simple and classy.
Very elegant and sleek watch/bracelet combo!
how did I miss this the first time around? Nice looking watch