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Delivery time after buy?

How long does it usually take for a purchase to ship after the mass buy?

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It varies wildly. There is an estimated ship date on drops when posted. I have had them arrive almost 2 weeks before that estimate, and a couple of weeks later. The average seems to be around 3 weeks after the drop ends (not after you join the drop). Basically, you just have to find something to distract you for a month after joining a drop to stop from going insane waiting. You will get a couple of email updates as they get near to shipping.
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Well horseshit...just got an update, another 30 day wait or more. Not a happy camper right now. I've referred several close friends hope they don't get the same experience, good way to piss people off. Thanks Massdrop
Final word, waited another month and received an email stating they could not fill the order after all. I'm through with Massdrop.
It says once you join the drop, mine are gonna take 4 months fml....
Take when you need it to arrive and add two weeks...🤔
Every buy is different. Look in the listing for specific shipping details, the dates are always stated.
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