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Today’s wrist- check is one of two Red Line watches I own - the Red Line Meter Automatic RL-50013-11-BK Red Line design their watches with a racing theme - plenty of call backs to gauges, dials, switches, buttons, treads,, and dials. Red Line also incorporated many primary colors like bold yellows, basic blacks, and fast reds. Red Line owned now by the Clearlake Capital Group - previously owned by The SWI Group (Swiss Watch International) is kinda hanging out there in null space, meaning that the brand might be dead and no longer being developed or sold. I picked this watch because it lacked most of the styling found across the Red Line Line of watches. My Red Line Meter is basic looking with a fixed 60min external bezel, 24hrs fixed internal bezel, black satin dial, date window at 3oClock, and a rubberized red crown. My two Red Line watches look fine, keeps good time and did not suffer from poor build quality that plagued the rest of the Line. Once again I wish I knew more about the movement but I just can’t find any info on it. Update: The caliber is the NH35A Movement: NH35A / 21-Jewel Japanese Automatic Movement includes hand winding and hacking. Complications: Date Case: 45mm 316L Polished Stainless Steel Crystal: Scratch Resistant Mineral Band: 21mm (odd) Black Leather Strap WR: 100-meter Note: I snapped this pic at 4:06AM while at work this morning, I have yet to adjust the date (only 30 days in Sept). Also, I hate the driver-side (window) racing safety net print that’s covering the movement exhibition window on the case back.
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Red Line was a brand of SWI, which was acquired by Clearlake, which transferred ownership to an unnamed company in 2013. On January 23 of this year, SWI shut down and laid off 129 employees.
The Florida state corporations search page at search.sunbiz.org has an Swiss Watch International that ends in 2012, the Clearlake date I think, and another that starts at that time, undergoes a name change (Swordfish Merger Sub, Inc.?), then gets shut down for not filing a 2017 annual report.
Ultimately, they were probably another Amazon.com victim, since their main business seemed to be selling their own and others' products online. Places like Jomashop have managed to live on because buyers trust them not to sell pirated knock-offs, unlike Amazon.
If you liked Red Line, the trademark and IP can probably be had for a few hundred dollars from the creditors. You could then hook up with a Chinese watch maker on Alibaba and start your own watch line. :-) The founder of Abington, a maker of pilot watches for women, got started via Alibaba for manufacturing and her network of female pilot friends for customers.
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Mystery solved. Jomashop's web developer spilled the beans.
WorldofWatches.com is the fourth largest watch retailer and number one pure-player in North America. Over 1.4 million watch enthusiasts visit WorldofWatches.com each month. In addition, WorldofWatches.com ranks higher than many other popular online retailers, including Amazon.com in customer rating reviews.
The Problem:
Jomashop had acquired an ailing rival company, World of Watches. They needed to integrate the WoW website into their own eCommerce operations, taking over its sales without losing the valuable SEO setup. The WoW servers were destined for shutdown in just two weeks. With this short of a timeline, Jomashop turned to their longtime trusted partner, Web Solutions NYC, to get the job done in just two weeks.
The Solution:
The new World of Watches site, powered by Magento 2, was launched in just ten days thanks to round-the-clock work by Web Solutions NYC. The new website looked amazing, and Jomashop was overjoyed: “It was great to see our two teams come together to hit this aggressive launch timeframe to go live in 10 days,” said Osher Karnowsky, General Manager of Jomashop. “Magento and Web Solutions NYC came through in a big way to set a new record for a Magento 2 implementation”
Even more details here:
It turns out that Jomashop has acquired World of Watches -- see my posts on it above.
Hey Man,
Most of the stuff I've read says its a Seiko NH35A in the Red Line Meter. The 35a is a 24 jewel though, so it might be one of those great watch mysteries to add to the mystique!
Yes, I found references to the Seiko NH35A as well but I’m still not sure because as popular as the NH35A is you would think that Red Line would identify the movement as such.
Take it to a Seiko watch shop, with a smart watch maker, they could at least confirm the Seiko lineage with ease