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It’s Two-for-Tuesday! Todays Wrist-Check features 2 watches. My Timex Ameritus Sport Olive Green (T2P035KW) and the Timex Sport Silver (T2P030)

Two years ago I was looking for a field watch stunt double - that being watches that kinda have the look and feel of field watches but are perhaps….not. I settled on a pair of Timex Ameritus Sport models - mainly because they were inexpensive and I had just the right amount of money leftover on an Amazon gift card to cover the price of both.

The light green dial / olive green bezel version shipped with a matching olive green nato strap which was perfect. The silver dial / silver bezel version originally shipped with a white silicon strap but was quickly replaced with a beige & black nato strap.

The Timex Ameritus Sport models actually look pretty good with color matched coin-edge bezel’s featuring GMT 24hrs markers, lume on the both dial hour markers and hands, and understated but present crown-guards. Also the hour markers and numbers are reversed between these two watches - 12, 3, 6, 9 vs. 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11.

My only complaint is the ever present loud ticking of the Timex movement, I can hear it from across the room. So like my pair of Seiko SNK series Automatics these Timex Ameritus Sport’s make great weekend around-the-house or wash the car in the driveway watches, I’m glad I got’em!

Movement: Timex cal. M902 Quartz Movement w/hacking.
Complications: Date (Quick Date)
Case: 42mm Silver Tone Brass w/Stainless Steel Case Back
Crystal: Scratch Resistant Mineral
Bezel: Fixed w/GMT 24hrs Markers
Band: 20mm
WR: 50-meter



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After they take their licking, they want you to hear them ticking. That olive one looks especially nice.
Timex rocks. I'm tempted by some pieces in the Waterbury Heritage line. There's a few new divers on their site that are pretty rad too.