Sep 24, 2016

Recommended earbuds under fifty dollars

I need a new pair of earbuds for work and don't want to pay over $50.00. They need to be a comfortable secure fit since my job entails a lot of moving about, and I absolutely don't want bass heavy buds or IEMs. Ive been using Vjay over ears happily over winter but with summer approaching (in Australia anyway) I need something cooler. Soundmagic E10s seem well regarded but is there anything else to shortlist?



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Rock Zircons from AliExpress are awesome. Open, airy, and nicely built.
I have a couple of Lker i8s : neutral, detailed treb/mids, tight bass, great vocals, great on instruments, delivers 'atmosphere' when required by song ...imo. Also easy to drive, very very comfy, metal casing, looks good too.

I bought a set for 'safe keeping', nuf said. Iems.
I personally find the Ostry KC06 & KC06a to be the most comfortable for me. They are also not bass heavy at all. They are the only ones i have ever had to stay in my ears at all times.
I have 3 Monk+, the MD reds, Espresso and spc cable clears. Just recently got the Sennheiser MX365 and I'm liking it better with the Monk sponges. The bass really comes though lower than the Monks.
Kz zs5 are pretty good
Check out Treblab
Like many before me have mentioned, get the VE Monk+. You will NOT regret it. Best bang for buck non-in-ear earphones you'll find! The official store can be found here:
I recommend the 1More 1M301 and Philips Fidelio S2, which can be gotten at USD$24 and $30where I stay respectively. I have heard both the Soundmagic E10C and E50S- they don't quite measure up in terms of performance.
buy a few monk+
I approve this suggestion. So cheap, and so fucking good!
TTpods T1. Light and perfection.
TTpods T1 . The best ever heard
I really love my Koss Plug earphones. They sound great, are very sensitive, block out a lot of noise, have a limited lifetime warranty, and come from a company with excellent customer support.

When traveling, I can be a klutz and catch the wires on things, so for more cord-unfriendly environments, or if I need to be on the phone, I use the similar keb15i

Others in the family include:

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Got these on Amazon for $9.99 US and use them for exercise; they sound great and stay sealed.

1byone Noise Isolating Wired In-ear Sports Earphones with Flexible Memory Wire
I found the Marshall Mode (non-EQ version) to be quite to my liking, for an under $50 IEM. Not a basshead earphone but still has plenty of low-end response, including impressive sub-bass extension. Add to that a great, coherent mid-range and a balanced, detailed (but not too gritty) treble all put together with a tangle-resistant cable and otherwise thoughtful design. It's just a well-conceived product. And, knock on wood, after almost a year's use the build of the IEMs hasn't failed me yet.
I got some Marshalls the one that had the switch and they cut my ears from the ergonomics. Wouldn't take them back and eventually they broke because they would​ keep falling out due to how I had to wear them for them to be even slightly less painful
Sorry you had such a bad experience. Turns out my pair of Marshalls died just after I posted this. LOL. I sorta prefer the Mode's (non-EQ) tuning to my LZ A4s but the Batman filter config gets me close enough.
i've been using the Mpow Magneto. they are really awesome, has a secure fit, loud and balanced. they are bluetooth headphone. they hang around your neck and uses magnets, and when you connect the magnets the music will pause. they look cool and have drawn allot of attention. they have an 8 hour play time and a 10m range. it's like 25 bucks on amazon. i've been using them for a year daily and they have never failed. they came with interchangeable ear tips and a micro usb charging cable. i hope this post is helpful.
The Monk + arrived a few days ago, and yes they are stunning for the price. Very impressed, hard to believe they can make them that good for the money
Thanks for suggesting them.