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Found this guy today is a box of my grandfathers belongings. Don't know much about it other than it's a Hamilton and doesn't work. Really like it but don't know if I can get it running again.

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Wow, what a great story and I am glad your grandpa's watches has survived.
As a 5yrs old, I once got access to my grandpa's watch box all alone and as curious a boy as I was I couldn't resist the temptation of "opening" them one by one and with lots of effort and a whole afternoon worth of time, I did manage to open each and every one using a sturdy BRICK!!!! Long story short, he was left with no repairable watch but he didn't do anything: I got no punishment and now I understand how much my grandpa should have loved me for not punishing me. And to think of it, had I not nuked all of those watches, I'd be the one inheriting them and having them in my collection now. I think I'd be sporting a hand full of 100+yr old Swiss pocket watches, had I not been the mischievous super curious 5yr old that I was :-(
Get it fixed if you can, its my favorite hamilton design,a ventura aka elvis , it may be highly collectible w the GE logo, they may have contracted hamilton to make them and companies used to give nice watches to celebrate sales excellence or mark a 25 year or retirement milestone etc. Beyond that it connects you to your gramps, that's enough of a reason alone to fix it up. I would ask around if any family has old photos of him and see if you can find one some with him wearing it. Too cool. You won the wrist check today If you don't have a good trusted source to ask Check w Christian from Theo and Harris. Email pictures, tell him about it and see about sending it in for his watch maker to take a look at it for you.
Thank you for the help, now I'm for sure going to get this guy back up to stuff.
And after talking to my mother I found out a little more about it. My grandfather owned a furniture store in east Texas, apparently one year he sold more GE products then anybody in the region. This was the watch he was given because of that, she's currently trying to find a picture of him wearing it.
It is one of the coolest watches I've seen in a while and all the more rad given the connection and history behind it. Keep us posted and definately contact theo amd Harris about it for advice etc
Dude, that's an awesome watch! Vintage Hamilton Ventura Electric, which is one of the last watches made in America honestly. It's a really cool timepiece, and definately worth looking into fixing up. Because these were precursors to the quartz watches, these do require a bit more of a specialist to get these going properly though, but there are people that service these great vintage Hamiltons.
Having the GE logo at the 12 o'clock, did you grandfather work for General Electric?
Great piece again, and thanks for showing that baby off!